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GYM in Vista: Works! BUT...


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Tried GYM in Vista today and it works without installing the net framework (naturally). You can browse the player and play songs...however you cannot save the songs to the harddrive. The save file dialog doesn't display any file tree. So only way is to listen to a song and copy it from the temp folder, but without id3 tags etc. Oh well, I bet it's a very easy fix which will come in due time when people start using Vista.

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Yeah I just found this out too.. a little bit frustrating as i was planning on grabbing all my tunes off the hd5, therefore having a nice complete music library to play with on my shiny new Vista PC. dont have an xp machine anymore either so i cant just grab them onto that... oh well i guess it serves me right, shoulda known.. anyway come on GYM lets have a Vista compatible version ASAP please? get with the times eh?

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Im running GYM 1.2 from my NW-A3000 in Vista Ultimate 32Bit and everything works! Can save, play and browse files!



V1.2 works fine for me also NW-HD5 in Vista Ultimate 32bit also no probls save play etc

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