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Can't get plugin working - Sony NW-S705F


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Guest Stuge

Welcome to AtracLife !

Even GYM failed to work with my S703F.I think it is because Mp3 file Manager version 2 is not compatible with NW-S7xx series .

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36 views and 1 kind-of reply. Anyone have any idea what I have to do to get this plugin to work? From the FAQ it just looks like you put the .dll in the /plugins/ directory. Is that IT? I tried with winamp 5.33 too but the plugin still doesn't seem to show up. Is there something I need to do to initialize it?

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Hello Tsmvengy,

Keep trying on version 5.33, there is been some reports that the plugin is not working properly with v5.34.

ok so first you need to confirm that the plugin is correctly installed:

Connect your device and restart winamp.

go to your media library and check if you can find a node called "Devices"

If so the plugin is installed.

now, bellow "devices" do you see something like "X:Sony walkman" ?

if not your device is not recognized. (make sure you have a OMGAUDIO directory and an empty 04CNTINF.DAT file)

Please answer the question bellow so that I can help you :

- you have installed, run and operate correctly MP3 fm with your device?

- you have installed, run and operate correctly GYM and GYM KeyGenerator?

- what files do you have in your OMGAUDIO directory?

Also you might want to check the ml_sony topic there is a lot of solutions there.


Tsmvengy if you have read this message please post a status update, so that I can now if there is more problem with that device! thx :)

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