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NW-A1000 + Strong Magnet = Broken

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Stupidly I stuck my NW-A1000 to one of those Krusell magnets that would usually hold my mobile phone in the car.. well obviously being a hard drive it's messed it up. I just wasn't thinking! I'm a dumbass but never mind. Anyway, it was playing for a while, then it started skipping tracks on it's own and then it stopped. The screen went blank and the buttons stayed lit up. Couldn't turn it off at all so pushed reset button. It booted up and displays the "good music.. good day" thing, then it shuts down. If I could just get it to the "home" screen, I could re-initialise it or reload the firmware but it doesn't stay on.

Does anyone know of a software reload? I was hoping Sony would be clever and stick a self reload on it. My Sony Clie does this. For instance if you hold a button while you switch it on, it restores itself back to it's orginal factory settings and wipes everything. I'm not bothered about the music on there, it would be nice just to get it booting again.

TIA, all help very much appreciated!


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when my nwa gets crazy I format it via partition magic (it is fat32 format) then while it is still connected I just install firmware...

I never had magnetic problems though... but still, if your player is visible when you connect it to your pc, you should try formating it...

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