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car got broken into! bastards stole my sony!

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as the title says, my car got borken into last nite!

i met up with a friend for some drinks and went home for the nite. i think i had one too many glasses of wine, cause for some odd reason it came back up! =.(

i woke this morning and got ready to visit my family and to my surprise my glove comparement was empty with papers flung around. my center console was also the same. i am guessing that i lost about $60 worth of stuff. though it could of been worse, i am still very much pissed that i was victimized. i am also more disappointed in myself cause there seems to be no sign of forced entry, which leads me to believe i left the door unlocked.

the most valuable item taken was my REMOTE FOR MY SONY VAIO POCKET. i have no clue what they can use it for, because of the specific port to the unit houses the ear peice, but also has a connection point for the LCD remote to communicate with the player. alas i no longer have it! =(. i still have my unit which i guard closely and never leave in my car.

what is odd is that they are other items of value that were not taken. my sub box is still in my trunk, my radar detector is also still in my car, and my stereo is untouched.

in any event, i keep telling myself it could of been worse . . . but still . . . >=[

PS - anyone have an extra remote and willing to sell??

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