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Petition for ML_SONY plugin to work on Mediamonkey and MS Mediaplayer


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As good as this plugin is on winamp - I think it will be much better if the plugin would be avalible for Mediamonkey and Windows Media Player. For the masses intrested in Sony walkmans, they are put off by Sonicstage... If they knew that their walkman could sync with one of those media players it will increase the numbers of people owning sony walkmans which will also help develoment in future... we only need to look at whats happening with the iPod!

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:blink: Uh...

Ml_sony is an open source project,

I don't have the time to develop a plugin for every media player.

If you want a specific plugin, well you can code it yourself very easily by using the SonyDb library (also open source)

that I made and participate to it's improvement!

now the real petition you want to start, is to ask sony to release some specs for their walkman...

however I think they will probably never do that. so it might be just a waste of time


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hmmmm if development moved from winamp to WMP or mediaMonkey? A few reasons of the top of my head why I think a winamp plugin is probably better.

1. Winamp plugins are very well documented and a hell of alot easier to code-for than WMP and most other media managers.

2. In terms of potentail audience (and ultimately support): Who uses mediamonkey? Correct me if I'm wrong? WMP maybe, but see above.

3. Standalone winamp on my HD5 means I don't need any installed software as it travels with me. (hopefully this will continue with the new version?)

The only thing that would beat that feature is a win explorer drag 'n' drop interface, and even then it wouldn't be that easy to manage your library...

Like otiasj said, code one for yourself if you want to, but I fully support what otiasj is developing and the platform he's developing for.

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I am not sure how easy it is to code a plugin for wmp,

But It is true that probably more people would use it.

As for mediaMonkey, I never heard of it before today ... :unsure:

It might be great (and it looks great) but as Cautious says "Who uses mediamonkey?"

I am using winamp everyday that is why I will develop the plugin for it in priority.

But as I said before my current goal is to create a library (SonyDB) that developpers can easily use to create their own plugin.

So basically anyone with a little knowledge in programming should be able to port ml_sony to the player of their choice.

SonyDB is almost ready, I am preparing unicode support, but the basics functions are already there. So you can start developing your plugin!

I would be glad to see a lot of different GUI!

Anyway thanks for the support :-)

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IMO WMP is for occasional listeners. And I tend to believe that WinAmp has more "Users" than WMP. I'm not talking about sole installations, I'm talking about people who LOVE music and who live with it, people who use listen to it couple of hours a day.

I don't believe such people actually use WMP.

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if overall number of tracks played with WinAmp is higher than for WMP.

My vote goes against moving ml_sony development to WMP (not speaking about MediaMonkey, which I'm yet about to see, LOL...)

Main reason is not enough otiasj-es. :)

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