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Not working with S705


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I've followed all instructions and I can not get this to work with my newly purchased S705.

SWEx and voidmp3fm do not work either but MP3 File Manager does.

After using Winamp Portable with ML_SONY I can see the songs on the player but I cannot add new songs. I have tried this using the MP3 File Manager file method which did not seem to do anything and am currently putting GYM onto the player to see if this makes it work.

Any tips? Seems a brill idea but cannot see it working...

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Hello and welcome,

First thank you for reporting your tests with this new device,

if it is indeed a compatibility problem I want to try to resolve it asap.

But first let's see if it is not something else ;)

So you say you can see your songs on the device with ml_sony, and can not add more tracks?

why not? what is the problem exactly?

please be more specific :)

also have you checked those post?


finally what version of winamp are you using?

Please send a report when you are done!


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Hang in there. I just installed it today and it is working on my NW-S705F.

Here's a walkthrough of what I did (successfully) on Win XP Pro:

A. Back up anything on your player if desired (I had no reason to do so).

B. Install Winamp Full v5.33

C. Extract and copy the ml_sony.dll file to the Winamp\plugins folder (there are several other .dll's there)

D. Optional Step ? Reset the player as follows:

1. Turn on player and press the little reset button on the back (use a pin or other small tool).

2. Player will power off then back on. Now, using the mode button select the "Settings" Menu.

3. Navigate to "Advanced Settings", "Initialize", "Format" (OK)

4. Now your player has "NO DATA"

E. With the player powered Off, connect to the USB cable - player powers up and says "USB Connect".

F. Use Windows Explorer or similar program and select your player (it will have some drive letter assigned to it).

Create a new folder called "OMGAUDIO". In this new folder create two more files "04CNTINF.DAT" and "nocode.txt".

G. Run Winamp, Press ALT-L to display the Winamp Library. It may prompt you to find music - I

don't remember how it searches/organizes your music files. Just make sure there are some songs to transfer.

H. Right click on a song or album. You should see "Send To: >" and it should have a list of items. Select

the "<X:>Sony Walkman" destination (where X is the drive letter assigned by Windows). Be careful NOT to

select "USB Drive <X:>, which is the same drive letter.

I. Now along the left panel of Winamp Library, scroll down and select the "<X:> Sony Walkman" under "Devices".

J. In the bottom right pane, you'll see all of the songs you "sent" in step H, with a "+" next to each one. Now just

press the "Apply" button (you'll get a APPLY MODIFICATION warning - hit OK). The files should begin transferring

to your player as evidenced by the player displaying "DATA ACCESS" and flashing "Don't Disconnect" (and your

Hard Drive will have activity as the files are read/wrapped/transferred).

This is the only thing a bit tricky to me: There is no obvious indication on the computer that a transfer is in process,

and the only indication that it is complete is when the "+" and "M" markers are cleared (also the player returns

back to displaying "USB Connect"). It might be nice to have a transfer in progress message (or better yet progress

bar) and a transfer complete indication.

I love my player, but Sonic Stage just simply won't run on my desktop PC (where my 60 GB of mp3's reside). No

matter what version I installed, it always crashed (often with that omjbox fault). So without this nifty plugin, or

one of the other two workarounds (which both have issues with this player), I have no way of getting files onto my

player. Thanks to the author(s) of this application - it's (so far) a godsend.

Edited to add: FYI, I've been able to add files sucessfully. I just started using this app today and wanted to post

a success story for any other owners of this player to know that it (ml_sony plugin) does work for NW-S705F.

Edited by WayneJarvis
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Cool, thank you for this recap :-)

the transfert info you are looking for should be displayed on the left of the Apply button,

only it will disappear if you change the current page,

Also you can keep enqueing songs even if you have started transferring,

Stay in touch for the next version!

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Guest buggy

I've got a S705F and it seems to work okay (better then SonicStage anyway). The problem I ran into was using the newest version of Winamp, once I read the other thread and downgraded to 5.33 the plugin seems to do the job.

I have crashes when I try and copy over certain albums, so I'm guessing that's something to do with the bitrate as it tends to be the same albums/files.

Thanks for the plugin. I had a minidisc a long time ago and remembered the pure hatred I had of SonicStage, but I had hoped it had improved in the years between, alas, it hadn't. Hopefully one day the software will catch up with their hardware.

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Hello Buggy,

I am always interested in files that are not working :)

could you please check :

the bitrate of the song that are not working,

if they are VBR or CBR

and finally the tags, are they ID3 V1 or V2, any image embedded, any special chars in the names?

Please take a little time to do it, it will help everyone :-)

thank you!

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