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Sony PMX-M70 Pictorial and video review

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the review is from one of the popular electronic store 中关村 in Beijing China, they have tried many functions of the player and took plenty of new pictures for the player. Summary on their review is flawless video playback and easy use of all of the functions. They watched spiderman 3 on the player, however they did not go ahead to try to music playback part, since they just tested the player on the store counter and then took many pictures, the mini review was written on the 18th of july.


Menu selection


Function for you to read documents and novels


Back of the player


side of the player




Vol ect


5 directional control


movie playback

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From Bravia T model, Sony Ericsson S model and now the Sony MP4 P model, Sony during the past few years has started to develop China Only products. From the early this year both Japan and China Sony press acclaimed that Sony has shifted the attention from US to China, to balance any loss, increase the profit and also develop further winning potentials in the future. Many factories were closed and investment was given to China much more. The product flow to China has increased dramatically. The quality and design of this PMX-M70 is different from the previous MP3 CE-P. It looks much better than the Sony Ericsson S model (S500C and S700C). I rate the previous China Only model 2 out 5. i don't think Chinese team did a great job, but with this PMX-M70 it is more of Japan guided product, Which made it the same standard player as the NW-A800 during the May national press. PSP did not unfortunately interfer with the sale of MP4 in China, the great competition exists everyday bewteen different brands, it serves a good chance for Sony to grab more share, what makes the PMX-M70 changed and improved is that

1) Japanese Walkman designer 高篠�雄 was appointed to be the boss of Sony China last year, with a survey based preparation, the player development was directed and suggested by him, thus making a great difference compare to the shameful CE-P. He is regarded as the father of walkman in the company, as 1979 he designed and participanted the making of the first walkman TPS-L2. The player looks different from a PSP and operates differently from a PSP, there are many more other brand MP3 or MP4 which look closer to a PSP. 15th of May Sony China head of audio entertainment Mr Li XiuZhong described the sound quality of the NW-800, PMX-M70, U50 as impressive and high standard.


father of walkman holds the two P players and Mr Li XiuZhong with NW-A800

2) The choice of the MDR-NC22 and the PMX-M70 as a combo sell is not a coincidence, it could have been MDR-EX90 to be pushed to the deal, but the Japan creative centre designers of the NW-S706 was interviewed by Sony China and they did talk about the experience of making a true Sony product with the NC concept. PMX-M70 is a huge departure from the previous CE-P, i do believe the contribution of Japanese designers is more than just guidance, but rather the two P players carry high expectations to win the market, or else it has no point to be made from the start. By the way japanese designer acclaimed that the NW-S706 is the result of long and extensive reflection upon previous Sony DAPs, it is the perfect summary of all of the best features from Sony from design to the SQ, they are in particularly proud of the look and the NC functions.



Here are some of the designers who made the smartest NC player so far and the NW-A model

There are plenty homework for the Sony China creative centre to do, as Sony plans to build a 6th and 7th one in the future, i think Chinese designers need much more creativity, at least it is good to see the work of Japan and China Sony together building the empire

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Very nice! I was interested in the PMX-MX79 (8 GB) version

It seems to be pretty expensive though.. coming in at just over $350 US in China. I wonder if that is an attractive price point in China - it certainly would not be attractive in the US given the dominant position enjoyed by the iPod.

Anyway, I hope the price comes down in some time - by the time units make their way onto eBay maybe? :)

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Great to see the result, it is certainly different from the 05 CE-P thingy. The Sony price in China has always been high and expensive, it will continue in the future, they have no intention to lower it. Take those US fastfood companies, Chinese people wait in line for 30 mins, a hour or even come back at 2 hours later just to try it, i have seen it myself. To have a cup of coffee, u need to wait in line for freaky long time, it's more expensive than good quality tea, but hey that's ok, US starbucks has already opened 200 coffee shops in China. It doesn't matter what people say about MACs and KFC health issue, Chinese consumers will go for it like crazy, they think expensive=best, foreign brands=cooler and better. There are plenty of people who can afford it and low income people strive to earn more money, therefore the market for the high premium product in China is also very intense, Korean brands such as LG and Samsung and Japan Panasonic, they have also tried to establish a secure base in China like what Sony has done. Not to mention you have got different brands from North America and Europe coming strongly too.

One interesting thing about ipod+itunes, Chinese people don't like to pay money to download, they like illegal download, their local music artists are forced to find other ways to survive, why pay money for a song when u can download them for free, they don't even buy real version cd, as long as u don't force them to pay for the song, then they will get to know ur product and company, so they will have a second thought about itunes. China is a different place for many companies, they usual modify strategies to suit the operation in China, then they can count the profit.

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China is not really a PSP market. Wii, Xbox360 and playstation range are sold in other parts of the world, but companies don't take China as a market for consoles. Companies can have many reasons, but that does explain PSP actually is not a threat or a choice over any other portable players in China. So i guess it doesn't hurt much to introduce a player that looks like a PSP. This player to tell you the truth, it is soooo like a PSP, except the buttons are on the sides, one of the Chinese dudes in my class has got one, i have tried Chinese brand Meizu player from him as well. Meizu is crap, really crap, but it's number one Chinese brand MP3. However this Sony P player operated very well, well look it's really just a PSP in different colors and no game and internet functions.

The dude obviously brought one of the combo thingy with NC-22 earphones. I would say the SQ comes closer to NW-A8XX series (tried with NC-22), better than HD5, would that make it better than NW-A1000 as well? Decent Bass, low and mid-range are enjoyable and not disappinting at all, cause i thought nothing you can trust if it's like from China, good clarity is too obvious to miss out. I let the Chinese dude tried my Sony Walkman, well my walkman did put the Meizu player in shame. I would also say in China consumers are more into mobile phone, PC gaming and MP3/MP4 (yeah whatever MP4).

This player if sold internationally, it's going get labelled as copycat of PSP, but in China PSP isn't everybody's liking and focus. i won't buy it, since i don't need one, but it wasn't bad to try it, maybe next P player will have better individual look

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