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NW-HD5 / KeyWizard problem

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Ok - I have got past that problem by running KeyWizard as 'Admin'.

I get to the point where there is a GYM album in My Library (under SonicStage). That's steps 2 and 3 done.

Then, at step 4 (transfer this album into your device), SS refuses. It says that

"The connection between the device and the computer is unstable. Disconnect and reconnect them".

At this point my device (HD5) has two directories:



Have I done something dumb?

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Ok, cracked it.

What worked to get beyond step 4 and get GYM working, was to invoke SonicStage's

option "Controls->Device/media->Delete All tracks".

I guess that made the contents of OMGAUDIO self-consistent (who knows?).

I could then run GYM and save orphaned mp3 files on the HD5 to my PC.

Thanks to the author of GYM (no really!).

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