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Best sound without losing quality on my e00x player.

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Hi. I'm owner of Sony NW-E003F mp3 player. I am addict of good sound. What is the best program to transfer my mp3s to my player without losing ANY quality? Is this even possible on this player? Is Sonic Stage 4.3 the best program to transfer or is it some other program. Thanks in advance.

The E00x player can play MP3s, so as long as you set Sonicstage to "transfer as is," you're fine. As for sound quality, the E00x headphone out is quite noisy, not something I consider for an "addict of good sound." B)

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One more question... Where must I click to "transfer as is"? I use sonicStage 4.3. Thanks

If I can remember without looking, I think you go into tools > options, and then highlight 'transfer' in the left column. It should then say 'audio device' on the right - highlight that and then click 'transfer settings'. This should bring up the 'transfer mode settings' page. From there you can select either 'standard transfer' or 'specified transfer'.

Sorry if this sequence is incorrect, but once you're in tools > options - it' easy to see where to go next.

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