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LinGYM: GYM-based MP3 extractor for Linux

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Seeing as GYM doesn't work on linux I tried to make something that would do the job getting my mp3s out from my NW-HD5 player. It is practically GYM's decoding code with some added code in order to use the console to extract the mp3s. It doesn't yet support writing tags of the mp3, although that should be an easy fix if there's interest in it.

Important! The program does NOT create a key database for you, so you'll have to do this in windows in order to use this tool! Place the decodeKeys.dat in the same folder as this program.

All credit go to xispe for his GYM code (http://clientes.netvisao.pt/~sonygym/).

Please report any bugs and be aware that it does not support ATRAC files.

The code is in C#, so in order to compile it yourself you need the gmcs compiler (mono project, ubuntu package: mono-gmcs).

I DO NOT take responsibility for any data loss caused by running this program. I am not a professional coder by any means and for all I know this code could be potentially dangerous to your data. Please inspect source for potential bugs before running.

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