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Charging Cradle For NWZ 818

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Just got a new NWZ-818 over Christmas (Nice unit but no bookmark list facility? Come on Sony!).

Can anyone confirm whether Sony do a charging cradle for this device, and if so what is the model number? I suspect that the BCRNWU3 will do the trick, but I've just been into my local Sony store, and have been advised (quite categorically) that they don't.

However I suspect that the sales person was a half-wit.

I can't believe that Sony don't want to take £30 of my money in return for a plastic stand that gives me no additional functionality other than line out & something nice to put my walkman on (like the BCRNWU1 for my NWA 3000). :D

Any help gratefully received.


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The supplied plastic stand looking thing fits into this cradle thus the player will fit into the BCR-NWU3 properly. The cradle supports NW-S700, NW-S710, and NWZ series (also NW-A800) and etc. In order to make the cradle for all these different shaped players, they supply plastic stand for each unique players for purpose of fitting these players into one BCR-NWU3 model.


Oh, and the cradle allows you to connect to PC, charges without having to turn on the PC (charges when the cradle is connected to power outlet which can be connected to PC at the same time), has line-in and line-out for recording (e.g. NW-S700 can record) and for stereo use.

side note:

don't trust those who work at the store for any kind of store, although there are exceptions; from my experience, most of employees are poorly trained if they are trained at all (like I said there are exceptions but... maybe I just had a bad experience... :unsure: )

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