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omgjbox hangs with CPU usage of 99%

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My son has an NW-A1200. After happily usng it for nearly a year he plugged it in to his computer today and nothing happened, checking in Task manager omgjbox is consuming 99% CPU resources. I have tried rolling back to an earlier restor epoint and removing recent Windows updates, but the problem persists. I have read of people re-initialising the device to overcome "the omgjbox problem". Might this help him?

Many thanks, Aggie

System 1.2Ghz AMD, 1.5GB RAM, Win XP Home SP2, SonicStage 4.3.

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I suspect SonicStage is being overwhelmed. I've experienced similar with my A3000, same walkman only bigger. Try this:

Restart computer if it's been on awhile.

CTRL-ALT-DELETE and end any unnecessary processes that hog memory (PVR recorder on my PC is a hog, as an example)

Start SonicStage (with the walkman NOT connected)

SonicStage: Tools - Cancel Get CD Info Automatically (if it's already greyed-out then you are good)

SonicStage: Tools - Options - General "Run SonicStage automatically when an Atrac Audio Device is connected" UNCHECKED

SonicStage: Tools - Options - Transfer - select Atrac Audio Device, and click Transfer Settings Button, then Advanced. Auto Transfer: Transfer Automatically When the Atrac Audio Device is connected" should be UNCHECKED. Click OK buttons to get back to library. Exit SonicStage.

Connect Walkman via USB as per normal. Wait for the autoplay to come up, if asked by Windows what to do, select do nothing. Start SonicStage, and the database on the walkman will be updated. If this doesn't begin, then in the top bar on the right select Transfer and choose your device from the drop-down.

It can take awhile if the player has been used alot and never updated, as you say, for over a year. Basically it's writing up the entire play history and ranking all the songs by favourites and more...so it won't be quick for you! I'd leave it and go to bed while it does it's thing. You can change your SonicStage settings back if you wish after the player update.

Initializing is a last resort, since it formats the device and you lose all the songs from player.

Good luck, let us know how it all works out


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