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hander, I have the NW-S203F, just installed ml_sony today and have come across the same problem.

When i make them in winamp, everything seems fine, then when i try to select playlists, it says "NO ITEM"

hopefully it can be fixed... though even if playlists dont specifically work with our series of player, its a shiteload better than sonicstage. ^_^;

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I had just come across this beautiful plugin which has taken out all of my struggles with sonicstage. The authorisation and deauthorisation are very cumbersome and beginning from the next year, the connect store servers will be removed and no further authorisations and deauthorisations are possible. So this has led me to search for alternatives to sonicstage and i found this wonderful plugin.

I loved this plugin but the only problem i have is with playlists. When i create the playlist using winamp and ml-sony, my player (sorry i forgot to tell you that it is a NW-E005F) shows no items in the playlist. I really love playlists and would like to have them on my player. I had searched for this problem over the forum, but unfortunately there is no solution and it still is reported as a bug. I am wishing it would be corrected soon.. :sad:

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