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media player market is slowly moving towards mobile computing.

It is possible to combine good media experience with internet capabilities (wifi), mails, doc readers and much more with current technology. iPod touch is squarely aimed at that. Apple has enough software prowess to address this market.

Where is sony placed in this market ? Since their software ability is nothing great, they probably can embrace Android. The Android is an os for future mobile device from google. Though it is aimed at mobile phones, it shd be possible to use on media players or mobile computing device, say walkman touch.


If sony can do that,

#1 that will relieve sony from investing in custom software for each device which will eventually save resources and money.

#2 quality third party application. This will become deal breaker as iphone/ipod touch will have lot of third party applications soon.

It need not be Android, they can use symbian/uiq much like SonyEricsson for that purpose.

Sony hardware like built-in noise cancel, cool sound quality on a smooth os will be a treat, wat say ?

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The Mylo is Linux isn't it? And Sony still can't get it quite right. So I don't think it's necessarily something they can solve by going open source. Could be their attitude towards software, or the way they approach software.

SonyEricsson's already using Symbian, Sony's had past experience with Palm OS, but they have constantly decided to not use it for the Walkman. Even though SonyEricsson is going to stop developing new phones for NTT DoCoMo (who's apparently using Android for a new platform), they will probably still use Android for some of their international products.

Which is why I think Sony's opinion on this is very clear. They have persistently resisted doing a "Clie Walkman" -type device when it was convenient for them to do so. I think I read somewhere that there was a Clie cell phone proposal, but that also never got the green light. So there...

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Good references, I guess the reason could be

Connect Team which develops walkman has no clue on it,

To cut down on RAM(mylo has out-of-memory issues),

or simply they did not review their old stance, i.e they decided against os when RAM was expensive and continued with it.....

Mylo has a good chance if they can put hdd in it.....youth will like it. Everybody can carry their entire mail inbox in his pocket, type your replies on journey even when there is no wifi....and send it once you are in hotspot..... :) nice right ?

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I had an iPod touch for a while, and I think the wi-fi scenario you suggested is overrated. In most locations on Earth right now, you will more likely than not have that kind of Wi-Fi coverage, and it becomes nothing more than a fantasy used to make people spend money. It would make a lot more sense with cellular network signals.

The devices are also not fast enough yet. I believed people who claimed how close the iPod touch is to the browser/e-mail on a PC, and I didn't find that to be true. It's great by PDA standards, but I think people who go wow have probably NEVER used a Palm or PocketPC PDA.

And the Mylo 2 has been reviewed multiple times as having very sluggish software.

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