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New Atrac NW-E020 Walkman from Japan

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product info and everything are all in japanese, but it's not hard for any walkman fan to figure it out. It has the usual E series features and high quality stock earphones. 1Gb to 4GB storage for entry level users. They come in many many colors.....



It's also already on japan amazon as well along with NW-A82X series.

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Hey guys, I'm seriously considering purchasing one of these players off eBay (the E026F to be precise). Does anyone here have one and have any feedback? I love USB form factor players but good ones seem few and far between with decent capacity and good looks.

The concerns I have are with the Japanese menus which I am told can't be switched to English? Not too much of a problem if they are easily navigated. Also, Sonic Stage... Everywhere I read the consensus is that the software is rubbish and from installing it and having a play it doesn't appear to be all that intuitive to me. Have read a bit about the jSymphonic software which seems to be a bypass, but I would really long for a true "drag and drop" solution.

With Sonic Stage being phased out (for Jap hardware as well or just rest of world?) is there hope for this player to get WMP/drag and drop functionality by way of new firmwarw or would this just be for new devices going forward?

Sorry about the barrage of questions, just looking to make an informed purchase!

Thanks in advance :)

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