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what's the story with codecs?

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OK, so for one reason or another i've been reading up a fair bit recently about codecs.

It seems there are pluses and minuses to each of them and as such individuals will have their own preferences for one reason or another...

the question/s is this;

since many of these codecs are open source and free to use, why hasn't Sony (and indeed other makers) offered more options on it's players?


why don't the various music players out there include more of these encoding options?

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Ogg and flac would be nice. In fact, I prefer ogg over aac. The reason most manufacturers don't support these formats is that it costs them $$$ to do it. Given that your average joe has never even heard of these formats much less usees them doesn't make it worthwhile for a company to invest the effort in implementing them. Besides, manufacturers can get pre-made chips that can do hardware decoding of certain formats (notably mp3), which save the company the effort of developing a software decoder (which would also suck up more battery).

In short, it's just not worth the effort.

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