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Ages of minidisc users

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Guest Anonymous

36 but just ordered my first (!), an MZ-N910.

I always thought that MD makes no sense, being theoretically of lower audio quality than a CD, myself having nearly all my music on CD's etc. On the other hand, the hard disk and solid state memory based gaer were coming so another mechanical player seemed - just old.

However, after doing some reading I finally realised the good sides of MD's that you all have known for a while. So it's MD for me, too. Kinda slow, huh? I just hope that I didn't miss the train here, meaning that MD's continue to be supported by manufacturers and remain a viable alternative..

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I'm almost 70. I'd be 80 but smoked too much in my yut.

I gave a MD to my 15 yo g'dotter. So guess the average age is 42.

I do have 20 years of education cuz I had to take 10th grade twice.

(lied about school - the rest is true)(actually didn't lie about IN school, just after school)(was hit in head with bowling ball and woke up unconscious)(carry on)

MZ R900 + at least 1 each of everything Sony makes. Getting the biggie 1G Sony HiMD when it hits. (am I getting paid for this survey?)

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I'm 51, soon 52, had an MZN-707 for a couple of years, love, although now it won't record, will soon be buying one of the new 1 gig models. These are so much better than MP# players it's unbelievable.

I've recorded on just about every medium thee is, from reeel to reeal, cassette on up.

Minidisc is great, hopefully Sony will get wise and let us truly go both waays with them



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20. I bought my MZNE410 around xmas time last year, so I havn't had it very long but its grown on me.

I had an MP3-CD player before, but I sold it. I still have one in my car tho..I just like the size and quality of sound to MD versus MP3, but it really doesn't matter anymore since all my music is now on my HD in MP3 format...


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i'm 19 strange tho i never once came accross this topic...

got my MZ-R70 in 2000 was on vacation in MI

then MZR 500 then MZG 750 2001 n N 707 while on vacation in NY 2002..

dad didn't wanna give me the money..but i sucked it outa him ne way :laugh:

n then NH900 in August from my bro in Texas

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I'm 20 years old.

My first MD recorder I received as a Christmas gift when I was 17, which was my pink (red?) Sony MZ-R900. I still have it, too...

My first NetMD unit I obtained last year, the N505.

I recently purchased a Sony MZ-N10 and concluded that while I actually like it for recording (especially live recording) better than my R900... it, well, sounds like mud.

I'm waiting on a Sharp MD-DS8 that I am purchasing. Very impatiently, I might add. :happy:

I'm not really surprised how obscure MiniDisc is in the US. Sony DRM's the technology so badly that no one really wants to deal with the headache when it's easier to use an MP3 player that has little or no DRM.

I like MiniDisc as a format; I think it was a brilliant idea at the time and it's still not a bad solution for inexpensive live recording and a preferable alternative to cassette tapes. So I think comparing MD to MP3 is a little unfair, considering how that isn't what it was designed for!

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There at the Beginning , when the first one was introduced to the US ( before it hit regular stores) At a very small Sony distributor in Monterey

The MZ1 , and I have been using ever since , still do

Me = 42

have owned or still own .( still own MOST of these)

Sony = MZ1 , MZ-R3 , MZ-r37,MZ-R50(x2) ,MZ-E33 ,MZ-E610 MZ-R700 , MZ-R909,MZ-B10, MZ-N1 ,MZ-DH10P, MZ-EH920 , MZ-NH1,MZ-RH1

Kenwood = DMC-J7R, F5R , DMC-E7R

Sharp= 321,322,MD-DR7

and will eventually own MORE !

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42 (7 months and 18 days younger than my hero/former high school classmate Cindy Margolis), and a 10-year veteran of MD (my management, Len Enders of Label Cove Entertainment got me into it then), I will never go back to cassette tape for my recording purposes, period.

Digital clarity, the fact the an MD can never be "eaten up" by a deck or player, plus the overall versatility of MiniDisc beats cassette tape hands down for both recording and playback use.

P.S.: Try getting the same SQ from an i-[censored] like some of those iSheep on Head-Fi try to, you can't, because not even an external headphone amp can help them out, but then again, i-[censored] need an amp just to sound as good as MD, and i-[censored] units don't have an onboard EQ or even MegaBass like Sony ATRAC products do, hell, even my NW-HD5 (ATRAC/SonicStage-compatible) HDD Walkman sounds better than they do.

Don't be an iSheep, buy Sony MiniDisc.


"I am Ray Jackson and I approved this message"

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