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Guest Anonymous

Love the unit but when I jog on a treadmill, it stops. This is a relatively new situation. When I first got the unit, it played through my jogging which was outdoors. Now the weather has turned cold and so the running has moved indoors to a treadmill. Additional details:

1. Carrying the player around my waist in a CASE LOGIC Cassette neoprene carrier. Same results regardless of position (side front, back).

2. The unit fell and was repaired by SONY district repair shop back in Sept. The problem was that the right speaker channel was out. Prior to this problem, the unit never skipped.

3. FAQ on another site indicated the unit should be able to take three (3) 8G shocks per second. Is this true? If so, how long should it be able to sustain those shocks without skipping?

Thanks for your help.

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Guest Anonymous

On another site, a guy said the unit is more likely to skip if the shocks are on a line across the read track IE the unit is sideways in the carrier.

That seems like the solution. Today with the MZ-N707 held in the carrier horizontally, there was no skipping. The shocks were vertical, consistent with the path of the track under the laser.

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