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Lookin' for the perfect MD player that not record

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Guest Anonymous

What's up?

I'm a newbie when it comes to md player. I'm from NA and can't read a word of Japanese.

My preferences are: long BATTERY life, good sound QUALITY, and a sleeky design.

Also, does it matter if the Md is a recorder?

Any suggestion on which md player I should get?

Please help me out!


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well, do u already have a MD deck or an older MD recorder?

if so, whats ur budget for just a normal MD player?

if u dont care about the price, i suggest u to get da MZ-E10, or MZ-E710

they look so g00d!, and they also have the newer remote!

and the MZ-E10 is the thinnest of all MD players right now

if u dont have that much money but still want a decent one, yea, lustral's suggestion about MZ-E900 and 909, or u can look into some of the new Sharp players with the 2 line remotes, or some panasonic MD players....

anyways, g00d luck in finding ur fav. md player.... 8)

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Some recorders to look at:

Sharp: MD-MT770/888, IM-MT880/899, MD-MT170/180/190/200.

Sony: MZ-R909, R910, N1, N10, N707, N505.

Panasonic: SJ-MR220, MR230, MR250.

Recorders both record and play. smile.gif

And the "best MD" depends on what you want to use it for.

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Ya know, i'm certain I replied to this post this morning.. Odd.

anyway, recommendations. If you can wait a few more months, there's probably some new mid range sony's coming out.

Try the Sony MZ-N707, or Sharp MD-MT770/IM-MT880, Panasonic SJ-MR230/220/250.

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this will be my first md player.  So I am not sure what to get.  

My budget is around 200.  

What is the best md player out there now?

I´m not sure you understood the whole recorder / player thing. A RECORDER has the ability to put the music on the minidsc. A player only plays the mindiscs and can not record. If you don't have one allready you will have to by prerecorded minidiscs that are hard to get and very expencive.

If you are new to minidisc, i woud recomend sonys units since they are the easy to lern and hard to break (At leasat acording to my experince)

Since I doubt you have a recorder since you say this will be your first MD, I woud recomend Sony MZ-N707 NetMD.

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