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Guest Anonymous

I'm finally getting ready to buy a MD player/recorder. However, I'm not sure which one to get. What I need to do with the MD is this: listen to mp3's copied onto MD's, maybe copy some vinyl onto MD (not critical though) and last but not least record live performances in venues and in studio. I also will need to be able to transfer what I have recorded with a microphone onto a computer so I can eventually make .wav's and mp3's of what I have recorded. I know from some research that you can not upload with the USB link on the Sony models. However there must be a way to upload that data with an optical cable through a decent soundcard right? I'd also like the idea of possibly working with a Mac OSX system although I'm aware that there isn't any software to interface with OSX right now, or am I wrong on that?

So what model would you suggest? I don't need every bell and whistle but I need the functions listed above to be possible.


-p.s. Is eBay a good place to find a deal on MD's or should you go retail/warranty?

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Sharp IM-MT880, Sony MZ-N707

The Sony is cheaper than the Sharp, but the sharp sounds better than the Sony wink.gif. The sharp is also the top of the range for Sharp whereas the N707 is a mid range model. Both have NetMD which allows you to record at high speed FROM your computer to the MD.

You can record concerts with both units, and record from any source that emits a noise. (well it would be preferable to have an optical cable).

To record to your computer optically, you would need a deck with optical out as no portable recorders have those, unfortunately. You can still record to the computer via an analogue line, and the IM-MT880 would be best for this as it has a stronger line out.

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I'm going to answer some of the questions Me did not answer.

About OSX, there is a program called Xmd 0.1, and that's as far as my NetMD OSX knowledge goes. The program is still in the works, and doesn't have the functionality of the Windows methods. There might be programs out now, though, and if someone else reading this could help me out on that, please help this guest out.

About ebay -

I've gotten great deals off eBay, but nobody can assure you that you'll find a legitimate deal there, though. It's a risk, but it seems like 95% of the time you'll get a straightforward transaction.

About retail -

If you want to buy a Sony MZ-N707, I suggest that you go to http://www.etronics.com, because that's probably the best retail price you'll find. I'm not too sure about the Sharp, but I can look for a cheap price for you if you want.

Hope this could help.


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