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analog recording problem...

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darK (aka Tharaka)

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yes.. it only happens on Chop Suey

the md recording is weird.. u know at the start.. just after the 1st guitar starts.. then there are 2 guitars... it happens when the 2nd guitar starts... and all through out the song... whenever those 2 guitars are playing it happens...

if u dont know which part i am talking about.. tell me.. i will try and make a recording

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Yes really.

All that maxing out treble and bass do is is make the song louder and can add nice distortions to your recordings.

You mess around with the EQ for playback, not recording, and setting both to full doesn't do much for your music anyway.

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I wouldn't need the EX-70 -> Ety tweak, as I have been using my etys for about 5 years now.

What is the mod you mention for the EX-70's? (you say they have to be un-modded to do the EX-70->Ety tweak) I have two pair of these and don't really like them. If there is a way to improve their sound, that would be cool.

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basically tweaking the EQ then recording that tweaked sound to MD. Dig around head-fi biggrin.gif. So it's only really useful if you only have EX70s.

The other mods are killing the bass (tape those holes in the back shut), and making the treble less harsh (cutting off that paper circle, stuffing some headphone pad in there, sealing it again with aluminium foil tape. Search for 'silver mod' at head-fi).

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