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Sony MZ-R50 will not read ANY disc

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Hello everyone,

Please help me, I have had this problem for a year now and I have finally stopped listening and using my MD.

When I put a disc in, you can hear the MD trying to read it furiously but to no avail. It ends up saying "DISC ERROR" and stops reading it.

I have read the tech article pages and have done searches EVERYWHERE on the internet, and have downloaded the service manual for the MZ-R50. I am an electrical engineering student so at least I have some experience with electronics.

Can anyone diagnose this problem? To date, the MD disc loading cover has lost a screw (at the top left side). I have used clear tape to hold it down when the cover is open. Also, there appears to be a slight dent to the left, under the LCD screen. This is extremely small dent and I can see no way how it can affect laser-head read or loading of disc.

Also, the screw is a real bastard to replae as it is mighty difficult to find one that will fit. Some ideas to that would be helpful too.

Sorry for the big whinge list, but can someone please help me? Thank you very much in advance! biggrin.gif

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