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Looking for a non-crippled MiniDisc recorder

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Do these exist? I want to get a portable device of some sort that allows me to record audio (digital, line in, microphone) to a digital source and not mark it with any sort of copy protection but allows me to transfer it to a PC digitally (either with USB, 1394, or digital I/O). Is there anything at all in the MiniDisc market that provides this capability?

Assuming that doesn't exist, what about a unit that can provide balanced pro line out?

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Nothing can do that via USB or 1394, however you can purchase some decks with optical or coaxial out, and record to PC that way - JE770, JE780, JB940, JB980 all by Sony.

If you want a balanced line out, look at Sony's pro decks, the E10 and E12 - I believe they have that feature.

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