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HELP! Trying to connect MZN1 via USB to Win95PC

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Hope you can help. I purchased a NetMD MZN1L for my son at Xmas. However, from the Open MG 2.2 software supplied it seems I cant connect it to my PC without completely upgrading my PC! It's a Compaq Deskpro running Windows 95 with USB support to which I have several devices happily connected (Ive also tried with another W95 USB PC, same problem). The OpenMG software manual states that its not supported even if I get an W95 upgrade version to another o/s (eg: w98(SE) which would still run on my hardware. So by implication, I will have to buy a new 'clean' copy of an o/s to suit my hardware and then I will still have to completely rebuild my PC (or buy a new one) and reinstall all other software applications/devices which im using and then they may not work! Surely forcing me to do this is a bit unfair? Is there no other way (?3rd party driver) that I can install to connect the MZN1 to USB on my PC to get the NetMD functionality? Is this the same with other NetMd maufacturers? Otherwise, I might just as well have purchased a cheaper normal MiniDisc and connected by realtime LineInput to my soundcard? Please advise ASAP, Thanks in hope of salvation.

Despite the Open MG2.2 s/w saying only w98. I tried installing the driver supplied (which is the same as the one on the T-Station NetMd forum) in my w95 (with USB) PC. I obviously had some success as when I then plug in the USB connection from the MZN1 I get a 'plugnplay popup' for an unknown device then its immediately recognised as a NetMD then the device appears installed in Control Panel, Settings, System, Device Manager under USB Controller. BUT alongside the NetMD USB device is an exclamation mark ! and the following message is given when I click on properties.

General TAB - Device Status - Device failure:Try changing the driver for this device. If that doesnt work, see your hardware documentation (Code 2) The Version TAB states 12-11-2001

But what driver can I use? Also, how will it 'appear' as a drive letter? How do I then write to it if OpenMG isnt installed? Sorry if any of the above is a bit naive but I cant believe I really have to trash my W95 system to get this thing to work, do I?

Below is Simple Burner error message

NETMDSB caused an invalid page fault in module NETMDSB.EXE at 0157:0040b6cf. Registers: EAX=00000000 CS=0157 EIP=0040b6cf EFLGS=00010206 EBX=00000001 SS=015f ESP=010bfa80 EBP=010bfb3c ECX=00685a68 DS=015f ESI=00791900 FS=47af EDX=000004e8 ES=015f EDI=000004e8 GS=0000 Bytes at CS:EIP: 8b 08 52 50 ff 51 18 c2 08 00 90 90 90 90 90 90 Stack dump: 00001601 0041c18f 000004e8 00001601 010bfb3c 0041c060 00791900 010bfc98 000046ef bff79fac 816daf4c 6c44014c 00684390 00685a68 010bfb30 004284fb

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