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question about optical cable included with n707

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What can I do with the optical cable included? I recently got a N707 and I'd like to record some music digitally to the MD from a portable cd player(for example). I don't know if I should remove the plastic 'bulbs' on the ends of the cable, but with them the cable doesn't fit in the MD. I think that if I try to remove the bulbs it may break the plastic ends. Or do I need to purchase something extra? I don't know, input please? :? Thanks.

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That cable is called TOSlink optical cable. The smaller, more headphone-ish side plugs into the white jack on your N707 while the square side plugs into an optical output. To use the cable, it is necessary to remove the plastic bulbs; they are there only to protect the cable while not in use. Because optical cables use light to transfer data, they are easier to break and mess up, hence the extra protection on the tips.

If you are recording with a portable cd player, I doubt it has an optical output, meaning you can't use the optical cable. Instead use the cable that has a headphones plug (called a mini-stereo plug) on both ends. I can't remember if one is included with the MZ-N707...if not, your local radio shack sells them for about $5.

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