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Since the current North American line of Sony Mini Disc players has been out for over a year now, do you think sony will be coming out with new models soon? :? I just bought a MZ-N505 and am disappointed about not being able to upload from MD-->PC (without going through that analog crap). I also hate the OpenMG software because I can't even delete tracks off the MD, which I should be able to do after checking them out from OpenMG because if I delete them, I obviously can't make copies. If Sony will be coming out with new models that will address these two problems, I will return the 505 and wait for the new ones to come out. I have 29 days to do so. Does anyone have any info or thoughts? Thanks.

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Sony has models for outside Japan that often are released in the spring. The 505 was announced in late Feb. 2002. There might be some news that time this year. The 505 and the 707 are not generally available in Japan, so you wouldn't see them there first. They are only for other markets, as far as I can tell.

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I meant to add: New models notwithstanding, I would be surprised if Sony changed the two items (upload and delete) you mention. Many would be very happy if they did, but I don't think they will. They are very tied to this copyright protection for digital content stuff.

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