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the sony md-505- is the sound loud?? i need alot of opinions

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Is the sony Mz-n505 loud enough for u?  

  1. 1. Is the sony Mz-n505 loud enough for u?

    • Yes , never have to turn it all the way up
    • Kinda, have to turn it up sometimes but it is always loud enough
    • Not really, it is always cranked up and is never loud enough
    • Not at all, is cranked up and can hardly hear it

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Guest Anonymous

Depends on what you use it for.

I keep my turned all the way up (VOL 30) at all times (my headphones have a volume slider control, so I use that to turn the volume down if I need to). When I listen at home, no problem. When I walk down the street, though, traffic noise sometimes drowns out the sound. With pop music, this doesn't happen very often. With classical music, which has a wide dynamic range and lots of quiet parts, it is a big, big problem. I've tried different headphones, and the type of headphone doesn't seem to make much of a difference. The problem is the output level.

I have a CD Walkman that has louder output and traffic noise is never a problem, using the same headphones.

I don't know how you are recording your MDs, but one thing that can help is this: record at the highest level possible. Keep in mind that different CDs have different output levels (older CDs, in particular, can be pretty quiet), so you might even have to boost the record level a bit when you record digitally via the optical cable. Get the level as close to 0.0 db as you can without clipping. This will ensure that your MDs are as loud as they can be.


San Francisco

i need to know if the sony md 505 is loud or not, some people say it is others say it is not, i want to know if it just the head phones or the unit, would getting new phones make it louder?
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Loud enuff for yucky earbuds?Yes

Loud enuff for MDR G82? No

Not enough power for bigger/better headphones, and one other point is that the unit starts to distort on some songs at volume over 20. An MZR70 does exactly the same.

I have 4 MD recorders to compare, and I will never go for 2x5mw again.

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