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WMP --> NET MD (Alternative to using Nero)

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Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Hi. You can download the "NERO FAST BURNING" plugin for Windows Media Player (free!) smile.gif This means you can use WMP9 to burn your WMA/MP3 files to a nero image file by using this plugin. Then simply use Daemon Tools to mount your Image and away you go with Simple Burner etc...

(pretty cool, eh? - tho on my pc it's still a lot slower than converting cds to ATRAC3 in SonicStage, but i guess you don't have to worry bout checkout limits... etc)

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Awesome, Steve! :!: biggrin.gif

Thank you!!

I was starting to get annoyed with SonicStage's check-in limit on MP3s, but didn't have the cash to buy Nero for use with SimpleBurner.

The Nero WMP plugin and DaemonTools work perfectly with my NE410 on WinXP! I couldn't have asked for a better (and cheaper!) solution.

Someone should sticky this thread, and add this procedure to the NetMD FAQ.

Thanks again!


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Neat find. Nero has a free plugin for WMP? Isn't that pretty dumb of Nero to give away their burning capabilities? I doubt it uses all Nero's normal burning stuff, like their codecs and such that convert compressed files to wave/cda format.

I'm gonna be giving the NetMD forum a pretty serious overhaul really soon while I'm in between semesters of college and I'll make sure this gets a prominent position somewhere.

That FAQ is so sickeningly out of date...heh...oops....

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Nice to hear that this method is working (for some ppl)... I wasn't sure if it was going to work for everyone since I already have Nero 5.5 (came bundled with my CD writer) installed.

BTW, Here's the link:


Note that this method will only work with MP3, WMA, and WAV files. I tried to use it to burn files encoded in ATRAC3 and it refused, despite the fact that WMP is perfectly capable of playing back ATRAC3 data.

Also, this plugin is supposed burn faster than the standard Cd burning feature in WMP and can also burn CDs without the annoying 2-second gap that Windows Media Player puts in between every track - useful for recording live shows etc...

Best of all this method is 100% free and legal... biggrin.gif Hope it helps some frustrated NetMD users!

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Guest Anonymous

I got it working now. Seems it was my fault, SimpleBurner was trying to look up CDDB info and couldn't find it (because it was a custom CD I had made, of course), so I used CDtext4SB and it's working perfectly now. The best method I have tried so far.

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