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? Minidisc for text

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I have an R-900 to which I transfer mp3 files via pcLink. The mp3s are from 78 records which I have meticulously edited the ID3 files for title, artist, album etc. I would like to have the song title placed onto the MD but herein lies the rub. Seems the R-900 only does text from CD and requires a special cable at that, which I cannot find anyway.

Should I toss the R-900 into the obsolescence box?

What Sony MD recorder should I obtain to accomplish this?

Question again - ? pc mp3+title >> MD ?

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After more looking around, I've pretty well become convinced to toss the R-900 as old fashioned.

I'm going to get a Sony Atrac/MP3 CD player which holds more music than it's batteries can play. Gone will be the download hassle. And I can't believe how cheap...I was considering another $300 minidisk and these CD Players are well below $100. Such is life.

Guess now I have to look for the Sony CD forum.

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One of the Net MD portables would do it, as Open MG does transfer the titles--you can probably score a used MZ-N707 for ~$130US on eBay or something. But that's if you plan on staying with MD. Sounds like you've made up your mind to go the CDMP3 route.

Don't chuck your '900, though. It's a really nice machine.

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