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Disc Longevity?

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Hi all,

Still loving my MZ-NE410. I've basically been using it as a portable "MP3" player :oops: ... at least once a day deleting a few old tracks on the minidisc inside (via SimpleBurner) and transfering a few new tracks for the commute to and from work.

My question is, how hard is this on the minidisc itself? If I'm only using the same one disc as an "internal" temporary storage where I'm constantly swapping songs on and off it, is this any harder on the lifespan of the storage media itself?

What kind of lifespan should I expect from a single minidisc?


-K :-)

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Guest Anonymous

Well, the MO surface should be able to be rewritten something like a million times, but I doubt the disc itself will last forever.

Tentatively I would say, that with the sort of use you're giving that disc... as long as you keep it in good condition (which I guess is a given considering you'll never remove it from the player) it'll probably last you five times as long as your player.

In other words, conceivably it could last you a good 10yrs+.

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Guest Anonymous

make sure you format the disk every once in a while (once every month or so) to reduce fragmentation. i don't need to format a disk unless the disk becomes so fragmented (from deleteing and adding songs frequently) that the laser motor has to keep moving around the disk tongue.gif

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