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Saving nothing!

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Hi, im a newbie

Days ago, a friend brought to me an MZ-N510 type S because he couldn't save any song fron the PC to the device (he got error after 30 or 50% uploaded).

I tried several times to do (pc to md), getting an transfer error. So, to avoid software problems i decided to recorded something from the line in:

- connected the line input

- pushed the > & rec

- the display shows "recording"

- wearing the headphones I hear the source sound

- So, after some seconds (15 ... 20) I push stop

- The display shows "Saving" (hearing a mechanical noise of the minidisc)

- But,this never changes! in the top of the display it shows bars. (I think is progress bar). I no get more than 2 bars and the noise continues forever ....

- The md it¡s so slow to save the record?

- It's so noise the mechanism? sounds like obstructed mechanism?

I have 3 premium minidisks (74, 80, 80 min), and anyone of them records succesfully. The 3 are blank. The software gives right the capacity of them.

Im affraid that the md device is damaged, what do you think?

Which could be the problem?

Thnx in advance

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Sounds to me like something is wrong with the MD unit if it won't record via NetMD or line-in and you've tried three different discs. The magnetic head might be broken or something. Either way, the unit might still be under warranty, so look into that before you try to fix it yourself.

As for the noise, what kind of noise is it? The unit should make some noise when it's saving stuff, it should sound like it's spinning up the disc. It should definetly not take longer than a few seconds to save the recording.

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