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When will normal sized Hi-MD players be available?

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Although Hi-MD is not all that it could have been, still 1GB MD's are nothing to sneeze at. Heck, my entire current MD collection could easily be stored on 5 Hi-MD disks ;p

The only problem though, is the lack of players. Recorder wise, I really dont care, I buy the biggest, the ugliest recorder, as long as it has great recording features. Players though, that is where I get picky. It has to be small and very portable. Basically a really cool gadget.

I went from Sharp ST77 (12.7mm height) to Panasonic MJ88 (11.8mm) to Sony E10 (9.9mm). No way I could possibly go back to a 13.5mm EH1 after E10.

How long do you think it is untill we see sub 12mm height Hi-MD players?

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I would hardly call the E10 a "normal" sized player. The E10 was a special edition player engineered to be the smallest and lightest, but at a cost, I think.

Still, my Sharp DS8 is 12mm thick, so I understand where you're coming from-- I would say that it's a fair standard for how thin MDPs should be. Give Hi-MD some time to mature-- 13.5mm isn't bad for a first generation. We'll have to see what Sharp and Panasonic can do, and then see what Sony has to offer a year from now.

On a related note... I just noticed that the NH3D is a fraction THICKER than the NH1. What gives? Do we not have accurate specs yet or is there a reason why this downloader is thicker than a full featured MDR?

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No problem, kurisu. wink.gif Are you the one responsible for the changes in the site's design/color-scheme? You or whoever did it deserves some praise-- much nicer atmosphere smile.gif The old color scheme was so cold and generic. This is much friendlier.

Back on topic, I agree about the circus. While there are some things I'm fairly certain about (probably partly because I want them to be true, heh), it's anybody's guess until we actually get these things in our hands, huh? I do hope the specs on the NH3D are wrong as far as dimensions go. If I'm going to buy a 'downloader', I want it to be thinner than the thinnest full-featured recorder!

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