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the dr420 or ????

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hello again , thanks for your advice kurisu.

the dr420 sounds perfect, its just on my research , it doesnt seem to have timer recording, which is pretty much essential to what i need.

if im correct and it doesnt, is there a good alternative that does?

with similar spec to the sharp model in all other respect?

ive tried looking myself , but im a complete newbie and feel a little out of depth choosing without advice.

im willing to pay a little (or quite a bit) more if needs be.

thanks again.

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Thanks for the advice .

I got the DR420 and its great, everything i wanted.

My only small gripe is with the Beatjam software, which seems to assume that i'm a criminal for a start.

I guess that OpenMg is a Sharp / Beatjam only format and that this program is the only one you can use??

Thanks again.

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Is there anywhere i can download Sonicstage?

Ive been searching around and it is appears to be a Sony product, so i guess you cant even buy it on its own, it just comes as part of the package with Sony MD units?

But i guessed wrong before so hopefully im wrong again!

If there is a free download out there somewhere please let me know!

Thanks for your help people, its much appreciated.

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