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SonicStage does not recognise my 505 unit???

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Hi again, guys! I have some issues with my MZ-N505 player. I plug it via USB to my laptop, and after uninstalling OpenMG and all the software related to the MD (cleaning the registry also), I decided to install SonicStage 2, the icedtea version.

I am reading the help, and I can't find the option to choose my MD instead the CD-ROM drive. I'm only able to transfer to a Atrac CD, Audio CD or MP3 CD, not to my unit. May it be a bad installation? Or is something more that I have not configured?

Please, if you could help me out, it would be very appreciated smile.gif Thanks!

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Thanks for your answer. When I made the question, I didn't install those NetMD drivers 'cos I thought SonicStage Installer would install them. But I installed later NetMD drivers, and nothing occurs. Also i uninstalled SS, drivers and all Sony-related stuff, and re-install them... and nothing. My PC does not trust me... I have a NetMD walkman!!! wink.gif I never had those problems with OpenMG...

In addition, I tested my NetMD with SS 1.5 in a friends computer, and it does not work (the device does not comunicate with the PC). I thought MZ.N505 worked with SonicStage, but man, after experimenting this issues, I think I'll return to my old-but-safe OpenMG. Let's hope there won't be problems with that :happy:


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Wow, sorry for the delay. I had no internet connection till now :sad:

What I did was installing the icedtea package, which includes NetMD drivers and so on. And I'm not able to chose my NetMD in the Device Media panel, because it does not appear on there, and I have not chance to "add" a device. Very strange.

In the other way, I've tested again with OpenMG 2.2, uninstall all Sony-related stuff, and reinstall OpemMG. It's very weird, because I can delete songs from the MD, and modify the groups of the songs, but I'm not able to check out any file to the NetMD unit.

So I have not any way to listen my music in the unit (I'm tired of listening always the same 8 songs wink.gif). I think I have all the necessary drivers and stuff installed, but some months ago, when I plugged the NetMD, a new disc unit appeared in "My PC" (called E:). Now, it does not appear. Maybe it has related with my issue?


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Sorry for looking like a lame, but I've done everything the FAQ says, and still having the same problem. Since I guess this is not a NetMD unit problem (it displays PC>>MD, and I was able to delete -but not to create- songs in the MD), I don't think to take it to the technical service.

Do you know some support e-mail or something similar provided by Sony? Because I think this is very strange. Gotta test in another PC before getting mad wink.gif

Thanks for your support!

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