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Sony MZ-NH600D Hi-Md Pictures [warning to dial-up]

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:smile: can't wait for this page to end...don't like scroling to the side..

talk about big..the unit's like clumsy looking like the S1 but remember that's an entry/budget unit...it's made to look that way...speaking of budget units i''m thinking pretty soon they'll make every thing on mds a standard cuz this can use a remote..:wink: unlike previous entry models....ne who.................

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The side where the headphones plug into the 600D shows a jack for a remote.  Does this mean the really cool MZNH1 3 line remote may possibly work in this unit if it is sold separately?

Maybe not the 3-line version, but the version of the NH900 and so on works on practical every unit with remote jack and is sold by e.g. minidisco.com

I tested the 3-line remote of the NH1 on my N10 and then only 1 line of the 3-lines is used (and 1 gives the tracknumber because there is no separate space to display it).

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Well, MDFreak, what's your take on it?  Amazon UK said it is coming out at the beginning of Aug, and I would like to buy one.  So I guess what I like to know it, is there anything you DON'T like about the NH1?

It is a little difficult to say what I like and what I like not because what I like maybe you don't like.

We already gave our findings to the MDCP and you can find them here:


There is also a part about the NH1 itself.

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Thanks for the link. Being too lazy to start another topic, from that link you sent:

" We did not succeed in ripping CD-audio in PCM format and transferring it directly to MD."

It's not very clear to me, what's the source of the above? ripping Cd- audio from a real CD player via a fiber optic cable link? Or do you mean from a computer Cd-rom drive, can't rip the Cd audio in PCM format to the MD?

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But what about the out dates of the NH1 and the 900?

i called sony last week, they say it's already in june(for Europe), i think that consumers section doesn't know anything.... i hope that new Hi-MD will be available in EU before august, or we have to wait september....

it's difficult that Hi-MD will be available first in europe than US :sad:

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I think he refers to the fact that in PC to Hi-MD donwload, PCM is converted to Atrac and reconverted to PCM by the unit (as previously for SP with Net MD).

That's good news. As long as from a real CD stereo player, it can convert PCM to the Hi MD, I don't care about the computer part, providing that is really what MDfreak was saying.

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