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Recording off Sound Board

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It would be super quality recording in big enough places where the mix from the board is what you actually hear..

but in smaller places sometimes some of the sounds comes from band equipments straight and thus the balance of the instruments taken directly from the board does not sound good.

Then the mic would be better... We once tried so that we recorded both with mics and line out from the board.. and mixed it later with computer. It sounded great.

best would be, i guess a digital mixing board with digital out and Hi-MD with digital in using linear PCM as format.

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Ok, I've never owned an MD. I plan on buying a Hi-MD when they're released in the US, and taping live shows.

I had someone ask me to get a soundboard of a live performance one time, and I'm not sure how to do it. Is is just as easy as hooking the output from the board to the mic input of an MD recorder?

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What kind of results has anyone had recording directly from the sound board for a live band? methods?

I've done this a number of times [being the one running the sound board] and have to warn that every peculiarity of the mix goes straight to the recording medium - i.e. jumps and dips in volume from the engineer rushing to catch up with the musicians, etc.

I tend to prefer live recordings that use a mix of the board sound and at least one ambient microphone to pick up the room sound/crowd. Live recordings without a crowd mic can sound extremely odd.

If you know the sound engineer where you're going to be recording, I'd check to see if the equipment they're using has multiple mix buses - that way the engineer can use one mix for the PA and route that along with an ambient mic or two to another mix to take out for your recorder. I've gotten very pleasing results this way, though it has to be monitored at first to make sure the ratio of board vs. mic is okay.

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