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Hi-MD Sound Quality

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Actually, what I dislike of all Hi-MD is the fact that there is a single button for play, back, forward, volume up and down. It's doomed to break, it seems.

I'm not sure what you mean about the stiffness of the rotary dial of the NH700?

A reason I wasn't going for the NH900 is it's looks here. Just check on sonystyle Canada, and you'll understand what I mean. It's bicolor here too, but with gold (or is that platinum).

Also, the problem I have with both NH900 and NH1 is the battery. With the NH900 I have to carry the external case, with NH1 I don't even have the choice. Since I record lectures, I need a lot of power, and always available. Failure of power isn't a perspertive I like to imagine.

So the possibility to use AA and NH700 and 800 is interesting, and since the 800 just has a radio more and a digital remote (which it's weird, but I don't care that about since I'm used to looking to my MZ-N707 for information, it's dial wasn't digital eitheir).

I have to leave now, I'm goind to buy a K23 VAIO notebook for the beginning of my Pharmacy studies. It's not the most expensive (well, it's actually the least...), but the screen is nice and big, and the keyboard confortable.

That's going to make a big hole in my Hi-MD budget... Guess I'll wait a little. The NH1 isn't out here anyway, for another week. Argggh. mad.gif

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if skyther is still around, what would you suggest for pcm or lossless recording in a portable unit?

you seem to know your stuff...I'm not interested in mp3's etc, more like "accurate & best quality recording I can get"

been digging through the forums, but there is so much mp3/headphone focus it's too time consuming


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-->funny, I was wondering about that today: I just bought a 1 gig ram card for my camera & was thinking " now why doesn't someone make a recorder that works with these??? " no moving parts etc.

90 mins is fine by me, can always swap discs out....however, I hear the Sony's don't remember the record settings & you have to manually reset everything each time?

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