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Have a Hi-MD question that doesn't need a thread? [part III]

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Hope this isnt too far off topic!?  Got an NH1 - very pleased etc. BUT.... am very keen on the Sony hard drive player NW-HD1 too.  My question is this. Some US stockists/reviews mention a remote. Most euro stockists/review say no remote. The manual I downloaded shows the socket(s) - just same as on my NH1 but no mention of any remote. Can anyone confirm one way or another please.  I understand a neck lanyard can be used with it so I would actually use it with just a short cable set of earbuds and control everything via the player. But all this "provision" for a remote has confused me!!  ( Silly question - I dont suppose my NH1 remote (or even my old N1 remote) would work with the HD1?? )

The Japanese NW-HD1 comes supplied with an RM-MC33ELK. I do not see any reason why MD remotes would not work with it, although I'm not sure about the full functionality of the 40ELK, however.

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I'm using Sonic Stage 2.1 and wonder if there is any way to record audio cds any louder into SS and then hence onto my NH1 and HD1? The SS Faq on Sony Support site says "no way to change volume" - I tried to change my volume slider on CD recorder but appears to make no difference. Anyone know of a way to get SS to record "louder"?! Thanks. PS I managed to do this using SD JUkebox on the Panasonic SD-sv85 player. So volume 15 out of 20 on the player was quite loud. But want to do same with Sonic Stage!

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Is it possible to use Total Recorder method for tracks recorded from digital sources?

Yes. Anything that can be played via USB can be copied using TR. [i.e. standard MDs will not work, but anything from HiMDs will.]

Correction: as I have no way to test this [nothing with a digital out] I can't say for sure whether digital-sourced recordings actually will play over USB. If they do, you can copy them. If they don't, you can't.

Can someone else confirm this?

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I've got SonicStage 2.0 with NH1, but now i've decided to upgrade it to 2.2. SonicStage installer allows me to upgrade 2.0 directly from the internet without downloading any .exe files. But it is very uncomfortable: if i want to upgrade it on the other computer or the system crashes, I'll have to donwload it again. And i pay to my provider per every MB i've downloaded so it wll be rather expansive . Is there any method to save installation files to the hard disc? Thank you all!

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When recording in Total Recorder under 'playing volume and recording level' total recorder has 'leve' is that a boost depending on the recording? Is it ideal to boost it so that they recording is peaking without spending to much time in the red?

edit: is it sometimes better to just leave it at a 0% boost?

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Normally, it should be always at 0%.

Unless you can be sure, that the signal never goes above a certain level, then you can boost the signal by the difference between that level and fullscale. Boost to much and the signal clips. And that doesn't sound good.

Generally, boosting should be avoided, as that can possibly introduce additional artefacts. You might want to do a listening test...

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Is there any method to save installation files to the hard disc? Thank you all!

Yes it is.

After download, the installer is launched. A window pops up, where you have to agree to the License agreement.

At that point, don't click on anything, instead search for a directory named: "SSWebUpg".

Copy that directory to a different place/drive. Then proceed with the install.

The setup program is here:

"where ever you dropped that folder into"SSWebUpgExtractSetup.exe

The hole shebang is roughly 85 MB big.

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Hi guys, i'm going to buy a hi-md. I was thinking about mznh600d but i did't find any information about T-Mark on this model. I know that you can't use t-mark on tracks downloaded from sonicstage but when i record tracks on my net md from cds using the usb connection, i can use the t-mark. so i was just wondering that i would have to split my tracks on the PC and then transfer to the md, but what happens if i transfer live records or mixed tracks that doens't have gaps betwen the tracks????? can someone please test if this type of tracks will be recorded normally one after one without any gaps or if it will have a gap betwen them? Thanks :smile:

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You can't set trackmarks with the NH600D (USA-Version).

It is a Downloader only.

If you want to edit or standalone recording, take atleast the NHF800(USA).

Only the european NH600 can set Trackmarks and can record from LineIn/Digital.

Speaking of gapless, yes, standalone playback IS gapless, standalone recording of course too.

Ripping from CD onto MD using SonicStage, then playing standalone is mostly gapless, it can depend on the CD-drive used for ripping. SonicStage itself cannot play gapless, regardless of what it plays.

Oh, and welcome to the Forum.

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Reason: The whole RF processing circuitry between Laser and Atrac-Codec has to be replaced,

since PRML needs a completely different signal conditioning.

In addition, you have to replace the Reed-Solomon decoder with a suitable DSP for the PRML encoding.

Oh, and a new Atrac-Codec is necessary as well.

That is only for Hi-MD formatted Standard MDs.

If you think about using 1GB discs, replace the laser and its control circuitry as well.

Don't you think, that buying a new recorder is easier?

And cheaper?

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SonicStage itself cannot play gapless, regardless of what it plays.

Are you sure about this? Sonicstage plays gapless on my computer. In fact, its one of the only things I've considered Sony to have done right with it.

It doesn't play discs gapless over USB - but it plays 1st-generation encodes in its own library gapless.

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Hmm, 2.1 never played gapless on my system here.

But you're right, 2.2 which runs now here after I had to expedite my old Win-install, does play gapless from Harddisk. On the other paw, the fresh install runs much smoother, so I'm not 100% sure about the 2.1.

(Hint at Sony: The Backup-Tool is in dire need of some optimization.)

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wait guys, i didn't understand that. you are saying that the "right" version of sonic stage plays without gaps but the player itself doens't???? i didn't get it! i'm more interested on the player cause i'm dj and i have a lot of tracks that are mixed with others and i really really will hate if the unit put gaps between these tracks... :wink:

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Hi all,

New here... just bought a MZ-NH700, very neat little gadget.

Quick question: if I format a blank disc in standard MD mode to do some tests with it, will I still be able to re-format it to Hi-MD or will it be permanently stuck as an MD-format disc? There is a "Format" menu option, but from what I understand in the manual this is only available with a Hi-MD format disc inserted... Can anyone confirm this?

Thanks in advance!

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You can always reformat a disc to the other mode.

MD-formatted: Menu --> Edit --> Erase --> All Erase --> confirm with "|> ENT".

When you then select Hi-MD from the Disc Mode submenu (Options), the disc is then used as a Hi-MD disc.

The way back to standard MD works similar:

Menu --> Edit --> Format --> Yes --> confirm with "|> ENT".

Then select "MD" from the Disc Mode submenu (Options), the disc is then used as a standard MD disc.

If a disc contains tracks, the mode used for recording these overrides the Disc Mode setting to prevent accidential erasing recorded material.

Hi-MD formatted disc reports "CANNOT PLAY OR RECORD": Use the Format procedure from above.

The Format option is only available on Hi-MD formatted discs. Erasing all tracks (All Erase) on a standard formatted disc has the same effect. The separate Format for Hi-MD discs has a simple reason: The normal All Erase deletes only the Audio tracks, data files are not affected. The Format deletes everything, returning the disc to factory new condition.

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I have a couple of quick questions:

(1) When you guys use the term 'uploading', you mean transferring from the MD unit to the PC using the provided software, correct?

(2) Also, I understand it involves sort of a hack to transfer recordings from the MD unit to the PC. But what about when the unit shows up a USB mass storage device? Can I transfer other file formats (e.g., Word documents or ZIP files) to a disc in the MD unit and then from there, transfer the files to another PC? Do all recorders support this?

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