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...should I hold out for a SHARP Hi-MD?

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I've been wanting to pick up a MD recorder ( I want to record uncompressed/hi quality live music/jams & be able to burn CD's ) for a while, but waited to see what Sony came out with:

looks like Sony is going to be a pain in the ass to use ( proprietary CD-hostile format ) for what I want, although the storage capability looks ok

Sharp made some killer units in the past, are they planning a Hi-MD recorder soon as well?

( right now I'm actually leaning towards a nomad jukebox 3, but i have no idea what Sharp are up to )


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Even if Sharp makes Hi-MD units, the conditions of the licensing agreement between them and Sony will likely require them to follow the same over-DRMed B.S. that Sony perpetuates.

Likely, the Sharps will never appear outside Japan either, and thus you'd probably have to use them with SonicStage, further sealing the fate of your recording dreams.

Creative's Nomad Jukebox 3 is really good for recording, IMO. I'd check it out if I were you, and think more on it rather than Hi-MD.

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I *might* hold out for a Sharp Hi-MD, but not because I expect improved music transfer options. Mostly I'm crossing my fingers that Sharp produces an Auvi Hi-MD unit for me to enjoy wink.gif Besides that Sharp is usually known to be better for live recording, though I'm not sure how the latest Sonys stack up. They often release their new recorders near the end of the year so I hope they've got something they're keeping secret until it's near ready (unlike Sony's premature Hi-MD announcement. bleh.)

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I might hold out for other companies as well since they will most likely provide digital amps that will be quite matured [as opposed to Sony's apparent failure - which I am desperate to test now], not to mention perhaps improved software [ha! that's a longshot], perhaps improved transfer times [reasonably possible], and the recording benefits like you stated, Rumz.

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