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SI: Sony Japan Launches Five New Blu-ray Recorders With HD DVR Functionality

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Sony Japan has released information on five new DLNA Blu-ray recorders with digital TV tuner and DVR functionality, which allow you to record your favorite programs in HD (if possible). The one HDMI (1080 24p) and other output-equipped BDZ-RX100 (1TB, Y180,000), BDZ-RX50 (500GB, Y150,000), BDZ-RX30 (320GB, Y120,000), and BDZ-RS10 (320GB, Y100,000) will all arrive this September, while the monstrous 2TB BDZ-EX200 (Y280,000) with two HDMI (1080 60p/24p) and other outputs will show up in retail stores in early November. These recorders are also boasting updated CREAS 2 technology, which is the successor to the original CREAS (”Creativity Reality Empowering Architecture by Sony”) that basically improves SD and HD video quality through upscaling (e.g. converting 8-bit/10-bit to 14-bit), even from Blu-ray discs. This CREAS 2 integration allows users to choose what type of television they have and the setting, such as: LCD TV in a bright room, LCD TV in a dark room, OLED, Plasma, Projector, and so forth. CREAS 2 also boasts: better smoothing, noise elimination in animated films, enhanced color interpolation in compressed video, and enhanced black colors (”Clear Black”), which allows users to fine-tune the depth of black in the video.



The BDZ-EX200/RX100/RX50 also features the ability to share content over a LAN, so your ethernet equipped television or PC in one room can be watching a recorded program while someone in another room can be watching a seperate recording. This suddenly makes me feel like my Comcast HD DVR is from the stone age.


Recording has been improved, and these units can automatically enforce variable bit rates while recording to ensure that your not wasting precious space on your hard drive. It’s selective, and will automatically assign more data based on movement in the scene. Transfer to mobile devices (Walkman, phone, PSP, etc) is back, and Sony boasts a new upcoming partnership and compatibility with mobile carriers DoCoMo, au, and even Sony’s own Nav-U devices. Consumers may also be pleased to read that these recorders once again work with Handycam camcorders, which allows owners to upload and view their videos via a simple USB connection. I assume other camcorders with USB can do the same. You can then burn those videos onto a Blu-ray disc, complete with attractive (and optional) menu integration for professional looking results, such as the calendar view example pictured above. Your created images and movies also can look better than before with the included x-Pict Story HD software, built into the device.


Sony is trying to push that these will be the easiest to use Blu-ray/HD DVR’s they’ve ever released, comparable to the ease of VHS recording, and offer an Easy Start Menu to help those along the way. Most models even include a VHS dubbing ability so you can convert your old tapes to digital via the analog inputs.


There is also information stating that the BDZ-RS10 (pictured below) has a 40% reduction in energy usage compared to last year’s model, the BDZ-T55. Standby power consumption is also 70% less than the aforementioned model. There is also mention of SKY!HD recording compatibility (an industry first), found in the BDZ-EX200/RX100/RX50.



Here are the full specifications for each of the new Sony Blu-ray Recorders With HD DVR Functionality [bDZ-EX200 (2TB), BDZ-RX100 (1TB), BDZ-RX50 (500GB), BDZ-RX30 (320GB), and BDZ-RS10 (320GB)] (click to enlarge):


Here is the amount of recording time available on each model (click to enlarge):


..and the recording time and modes available for Blu-ray and DVD (click to enlarge):


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