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Another headphone review : Sony EX71's

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Mod edit: Please note that this member is reviewing a product he does not personally own, and possibly never tried. The closest experience he has with the EX71s are his EX51s which are only a comparable/substitute product with different acoustic and physical (comfort + fit) properties. Readers are adviced to take this with a grain of salt.

As everyone knows in this part of the forum, the ex71's from Sony (Sony mdrex71sl / mdrex51lp) are very popular. so I’m gona’ do a review on them :smile: .

Anyways, when i first saw these headphones i thought they were gona' be like the rest of the ear buds i use; flat sound and more of a defined or noticeable bass then felt. i was also worried about the ear plugs not fitting but thanks god there are different sizes. the more expensive ones come with more different sizes.

the mdrex51lp, which are the less expensive ones without the split cord, are just as good as the more expensive ones for the people wondering about the quality based on pricing. The bass was just the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard AND felt. It actually sounds like its bass and not like a drum stick tapping on the wall. The treble is also very clear, and the bass doesn’t distort it even at high volume where it becomes more noticeable.

Size: well, for this, you have to play around with it a bit. For the very best bass, you have to have one of the extra plugs fit better than the others otherwise it wont be noticeable. The headphones themselves are no bigger than the zipper on your jacket. The cord can vary on which ones you get, the expensive or the inexpensive. They look very cool too.

Material: the material in question feels like it could be ripped if tugged on to hard. It feels like a thin piece of a rubber band with a high lacquered looking shine.

Price: in Canada, these were about 65 bucks and I say that it is very well worth the price. Everything I could ask for out of a pair of headphones that aren’t huge, dont have short cords, have nice bass and clear treble are right here in my ears.

If there isn’t enough info on these then hey, try them yourselves (they work great on the ipods to :grin: ).

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EX71s are definitely not bad for the price. I've gotten plenty of good use out of my pair. Quite comfortable, too, but since I have an Auvi unit, I'd really like to get Sharp's in-ear phones, the HP-MD33S with the 4-pole connector. Hear they sound pretty good too.

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I don't lik the EX71's much. There's a nasty 7kHz resonance that just makes them sound shrill and ear-pearcing. The mid-range is anemic also. I guess most people will find them great, especially for less than $50.

I have Shure E3's and can say that they are certainly worth the money. The sound is much more balanced, having a healthy dose of low-end, but nothing oomphy.

I think you should go no less than the Shure E2's if you really want to have a better audio experience than the cheaper priced Sony ear-buds.

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hey Skyther i dont know if im digging up old threads again but do you know which shure headphones are good but also fairly priced?

Shure E2cs are a $10 bill under 100 bucks. Fairly priced, I believe. I haven't got mine yet, so I'm not really sure how good they sound; but from all I've heard they are the best earbud under $100.

Not exactly MD friendly though... nice five-foot long cord. Perfect for devices without remotes. :laugh:

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i just got my pair of earplugs in today the ex 71's but my only prob ... well i kinda got a few gripes about it ... dont get me wrong the earphones when put into ur ear they are incredibly snug its like they just fall in ... but my first prob is the mids of the audio its kinda low/distorted also the volume isnt as loud as other headphones/plugs i tried and im sure that it is the earplugs cuz my radio shack earplugs plays almost perfect just that the getting used to (more like learing how to make those earplugs fit into ur ear took a while) another thing is that the cord in my opinion is either 8 inches short without the extension or insanely long with the extension with the remote for my nh 900, i dunno i guess i gotta get used to it but id prefer if the mids and the volume were better but guys honestly im not a radio shack rep but they got these earplugs and i swear to u they are one of the best i ever had and 20 dollars u cant go wrong bass = nice clear and extremely audible and mids and low to compliment the bass so its an awesome earplug ... just that the cord isnt detachable ... so its either one long cord with no remote or a tied up cord and remote sleep.gif;; this is a link to them


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