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SI: UK Blu-Ray Releases for Monday November 3rd 2008

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Partly because it has been a few weeks since we last did a Blu-Ray release post, and partly because there are a lot of titles out this week, I have decided to do separate posts for the two main markets we typically cover. Today we’ll take a look at the UK releases coming out tomorrow (Monday) and then I’ll follow that up tomorrow with another post to cover the new releases for the US market that will be hitting the shelves on Tuesday.


First up is Mad Detective. This is a Hong Kong police movie with a twist. It has received great critical acclaim, including Best Screenplay at the Hong Kong film awards 2008 and was nominated for a Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. The detective Bun, who has been thrown off the force for slicing off his ear as a gift to his boss at the chief’s farewell party, has a special gift that leads him to be called back into action… This release is also interesting as it is (as far as I am aware) the first release on BD for Eureka!. Their Masters Of Cinema series is a kind of UK equivalent to Criterion Collection, specializing in international cinema.

Next, there is the final feature-length episode of Ricky Gervais’ comedy series Extras. This final episode features cameos from George Michael and Clive Owen.


I’ll cover the releases that are common to both the UK and the US this week in tomorrow’s entry, but some other UK exclusives this week are:

The Colour Of Magic (This was a TV adaptation based on the first of the popular Discworld series of fantasy novels)

Zulu (The 1964 film starring Michael Caine about the Anglo-Zulu war in South Africa in the nineteenth century)


And Paramount finally get up to speed on the back catalogue and release the Mission Impossible Trilogy, The Italian Job and Babel amongst others.


These were the main titles that caught my eye, but you can check the full list of UK releases for this week at Amazon UK.

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