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Headphone repair

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I have a mz-n505 and it comes bundled with mdr-808 headphones. I really like these headphones, they have good bass response, quality sound,etc...

The problem is i wrecked three of these headphones. Actually, i used them thoroughly,always making sure the cord is not tense, etc. I'm pretty sure sony built them to break. Another problem is they are not sold with a guarantee and sony refuses to repair / replace them.

Sure, they are 10-15$ , and last at least for like a few months, but i'm fed up with buying new headphones. I started to look for a better and more durable headphone set, read some reviews, etc. I may buy the sennheiser mx-500.

In the meanwhile i want to repair my other headphones. Nothing is seriously wrong with them you see; one of them has only one phone working (disconnected wire i guess), and the other one has a right phone which can't handle loud bass (it used to, now creaks loudly) and which is also disconnected (i was fiddling with it then the wires just snapped at the soldering point, i have to resolder them).

One problem is the wires are isolated with a plating/paint whichever. You have to scratch it off to have current , but they don't seem to come off easily. I'm guessing there's a certain chemical solution that will wear the isolation off.

Another problem is finding where the disconnection is. Some people recommended buying new wires and connecting them manually, but i think that's too much of a strain.

I'm actually concerned about the one with cranky bass, the others are pretty much beyond salvation. Another thing is if i press or hold the phone at a certain spot, it handles the bass just all right. Probably something's wrong with that transparent dome thingy (excuse my ignorance).

I'd be happy if someone could explain to me how to resolder those wires into the phone , establishing a current despite the insulation. Or you could recommend me a good, rather cheap pair of earbuds so i can listen to music without all this hassle sony has put me through smile.gif

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Moving to correct forum...

blink.gif I don't think I've ever actually resoldered headphones before... so I don't think I can help you there.

There's a rather extensive recommended 'phones section in here, but if you're looking to spend minimal money... I really don't know. The senns aren't too bad, but they may not give you the bass you're looking for. Maybe EX71s, although I'm a bit reluctant to recommend them because I don't like them all that much myself. :laugh:

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If you must repair them and you don't mind hacking them apart (and possible ruining them forever), give this a go...

The biggest flex points for the thin, frail little wire is just after the flex shield on the stereo plug (that thing that looks like a backbone), and right where the wires lead into each headphone speaker. You could clip the wires just before those points, then strip them and resolder them properly to the headphone speakers and stereo jack (you may need to pick up a new jack from a parts store, just to make it easier). All you're doing is removing possibly broken wires from the high-stress areas.

You could also go to a dollar store and pick up a cheapo pair of headphones, cut off the speakers and solder those ends to the speakers in the mdr-808s. Then you'll have your old headphones with a brand new cord and plug, and will also save yourself a soldering step. If you're a big purist, though, the dollar store wire might be kinda cheap.

Good luck!

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