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Hi-md player hooked up to my car stereo?

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Hey there, first post, cool board. =]

I recently purchased a new car, 2001 Mazda Protege. One of the first things I noticed was that the factory stereo in it has a button labeled "MD/Tape". A friend of mine told me that this would give me the option to hook up a portable minidisc player to my stereo and control it from my car stereo controls. He said it wasn't easy, that I'd have to remove the face of the stereo and hook some wires up, which ones exactly I don't know, but that it could be done.

So, I'm in the market to buy a Hi-MD player (NH900) and I was wondering if it would still be possible to do this with the Hi-MD player. Is anyone familiar with wether or not this is possible? Thanks a bunch.

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I know there are a few options that you may have to consider.

The MD/Tape may mean it can control a MD changer only, as the interface between changers and head units is usually uniform. Whereas Sony and Sharp have different remote configs, so it'd be hard to program the head unit to control the MD.

I highly suggest reading your car's user manual, or if there is one, a copy of the manual for the stereo system (My 1990 dodge caravan had one, a mazda should too tongue.gif)

Since I'm just going on theory and what I have found out from stereo installers, do not take my words for 100% valid.

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The car issue is the biggest thing holding me back from Hi-MD or any other new solution. I have been a big MD fan for 9 years and have always had one in the car, where I listen to the most music. I currently have Net-MD and if I upgrade to Hi-MD, I won't be able to listen to the discs in the car. Either that or I will have to keep separate discs for the car and for everything else, which will be a pain.

I guess I could try to find an old cassette deck for the car and go the cable route again. I got an answer from Sony that their priority is not on the car unit at the moment, so I doubt one will ever come out. I guess some companies are coming out with Ipod solutions for the car, though...

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There are adapters available which allow you to hook up your mp3/md/ipod to the factory radio's cd changer port . You won't be able to operate your portable via the radio's controls, but at least you get a direct connection to the radio, without messy and sound degrading fm and cassette adapters

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