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Sony moving to support MP3!?


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I dunno what the hell is wrong with Sony's marketing department. I just noticed that they cold've made the new Play Station portable HiMd based. Or just not release HiMD and be able to record music on the new media discs that the PSP uses. And make the units freaking reverse compatible.

There was no need for two formats, they could've pooled together the target markets for both products. This is the friggin' synergy all the marketing weasels yap about... and they let the opportunity pass.

I am a loyal MD user, but i tell you at this pace in 3 years we will sleep with the fishes (and Betamaxes).


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Am I totally off here????? I thought the MZ-RH10 DID playback MP3 on the unit. This quote is from the SonyStyle page:

"Plays Back MP3/ATRAC3®/ATRAC3plus™ Audio Formats

For customers who already have extensive music libraries, use the included software and hardware to store and play back their collection of MP3s. For the customer who is just getting into digital music and downloading, Sony's ATRAC® format provides higher sound quality with smaller sizes than many competing formats. This enables the user to store more music and have longer listening times."

Also, there's a large decal on the face of the unit that says "MP3 Digital Music Player."

Is this BS? Does SS still convert everything to ATRAC before transferring to the RH10? I have a MZ-NH1 and was disappointed when the RH10 came out with what I thought was MP3 support.

One more Sony request. I use my NH1 almost exclusively for mic recording. I use HiMD because even though it's a pain in the ass, the quality outweighs the pain. To distribute recordings I have to convert to WAV while transferring, edit in Sound Forge, then convert the edited WAV to MP3. Allowing ATRAC editing in Sound Forge would cut out the time consuming step of converting to WAV, and save HD space. Sony now produces Sound Forge. Is it too much to ask to make ATRAC files that are recorded on MD editable????? Would it be possible to somehow allow analog and maybe even digital tracks recorded on MD to be edited in SF????

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