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Listening to Cyril Morin | Samsara Film Score in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.


1. Pema's Theme

2. Maniwall

3. For Noble Truths

4. Tashi Meets Pema

5. Kala's Theme

6. Dawa's Arrival

7. Acceptance

8. Dawa's Theme

9. Karma's Theme

10. Sujata's Theme

11. Stick and the River

12. Tashi's Theme

13. Bumblebee - Dadon

14. Tantric Drawings

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Guest Stuge

Listening to Tiesto |Just BE..Asian Edition Disc one


1. Forever Today

2. Love Comes Again (featuring BT)

3. Traffic

4. Sweet Misery

5. Nyana

6. UR

7. Walking on Clouds

8. A Tear In The Open

9. Just Be

10. Adagio For Strings

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Listening to Mark Isham | Crash film score in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.


1. Crash

2. Go Forth My Son

3. Hands In Plain Sight

4. ...Safe Now

5. No Such Things As Monsters

6. Find My Baby

7. Negligence

8. Flames

9. Siren

10. A Really Good Cloak

11. A Harsh Warning

12. Saint Christopher

13. Sense Of Touch

14. In the Deep - Bird York

15. Maybe Tomorrow - Stereophonics

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Guest Stuge

Listening to Raghav(Storyteller)


1.Let`s Work It Out Feat. Jahaziel

2. No I

3. No No

4. So Confused

5. Bad, Bad, Bad

6. C`mon

7. Weakness

8. Winter In My Mind

9. Ain`t Nobody

10. Can`t Get Enough Feat. Iceberg Slimm

11. Angel Eyes Feat. Jucxi & Frankey Maxx

12. Sooner Or Later Feat. Kardinal Offishall

13. Baby I`m Amazed

14. Another Bad Goodbye

15 Chodh Diya (The Ultimate Sacrifice)

16. Teri Baaton (Your Words)

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Listening to Anton Kuerti | Chopin's Last Major Piano Works in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.


1) Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor, Op. 58, CT. 203

2) Polonaise-fantasy for piano No. 7 in A flat major, Op. 61, CT. 156

3) Scherzo for piano No. 4 in E major, Op. 54, CT. 200

4) Ballade for piano No. 4 in F minor, Op. 52, CT. 5

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Probably not the first time i've posted this but...

Listening To Matt Hardwick's Essential mix 23-10-2005.



01.Invisible Inc- 'Stars' (Ambient Mix) (Sumsonic)

02.Hernan Cataneo & John Tonks- 'Warsaw' (Bedrock)

03.Steve May- 'Sublimate' (Coldharbour)

04.Theshold prod. Sonify- 'No More Silence' (Damien Heck Mix) (Baroque)

05.Terry Grant- 'I'll Kill You' (Luke Chable) (Bedrock)

06.Hard Fi- 'Hard To Beat' (Axwell Mix) (Atlantic)

07.Sander Van Doorn- 'AKA' (Sam Mix) (Oxygen)

08.Jose Amnesia vs Serp- ' Second Day' (Martin Roth Mix) (Vandit)

09.Thrillseekers feat. Gina Dootson- ' By Your Side' (Night Music Mix) (Adjusted)

10.Zehavi & Rand- ' Paroxitine' (White)

11.Skyform- 'Infinite' (ETCR)

12.Aled Mann- 'Cold Fusion' (John Askew Rework) (Discover)

13.Nautical Imagery- 'Distant Dreams' (Enhanced)

14.Fire & Ice- 'Lost Emotions' (Bryan Kearney Mix) (White)

15.Kuffdam & Plant- 'Summerdream' (Whiteroom Mix) (Vandit)

16.Max Graham- 'Gone' (White)

17.U2- 'Where The Streets Have No Name' (John O'Callaghan mix) (White)

18.Mike Coglin- '1:1.618' (Noys)

19.Johnsen & Corbett vs Alan M- 'Ibiza Sun (Aramanja Mix- John Askew Rework) (White)

20.BT- 'Dreaming' (White)

A great mix by Hardwick, Hopefully i'll be going to see him play next week, but my friends either have no money or don't listen to dance music!!

I need someone to go with urgently!!

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Guest Stuge

One of my favorite albums

Listening to Valerie Krystal :So Special Private Class audio cd


1. We All Like To Dance

2. Sunshine Lady

3. Master Of Love

4. All It Takes Is Money

5. Time Won't Erase

6. Danger In The Night

7. So Special

8. Tic Toc

9. Piece Of My Heart

10. Cut The Crap

11. Jailbait

12. Take Me Away

13. Hold Back

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Listening to FUTURE BLUES ~COWBOY BEBOP~ Knockin' on heaven's door in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.


1. 24hours OPEN

2. Pushing the sky

3. Time to know~Be waltz

4. Clutch


6. Yo pumpkin head

7. Diggin’

8. 3.14

9. What planet is this?!

10. 7minutes

11. Fingers

12. Powder

13. Butterlfy

14. No reply

15. Dijurido

16. Gotta knock a little harder

17. No money

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Guest Stuge

Listening The Spirit Room by Michelle Branch


1. Everywhere

2. You Get Me

3. All You Wanted

4. You Set Me Free

5. Something To Sleep To

6. Here With Me

7. Sweet Misery

8. If Only She Knew

9. I'd Rather Be In Love

10. Goodbye to You

11. Drop In The Ocean

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Size: 112 MB

Time: 82:12

Genre: Progressive House

Source: djm2k


01. Hybrid - I know (Totem Pole Mix)

02. Filo and Perry - Closer now (Juanjos at NY Remix)

03. Kenneth Thomas - Orange Room (Nick Warren Remix)

04. Jaytech & Matt Rowan - Tomorrow

05. New Order - Waiting for the Sirens Call (Planet Funk Remix)

06. Narek and Danny Bullo - I need Somebody (Matt Rowan and Jaytech Remix)

07. Bia & Dj Paul - Thursday at Night

08. Westbam ft Nena - Old School, Baby

09. Lostep - Villain

10. Way Out West - The Gift

11. ID - ID

12. Harry Gregson - Williams - Evacuating London (Hybrid's Hiding in the Wardrobe Mix)

This set is currently available from www.djmixes2k.com

Edited by Richard_p
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Listening to Thelonious Monk | Monk’s Dream in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.


1. Monk's Dream (Take 8)

2. Body And Soul (Re-Take 2)

3. Bright Mississippi (Take 1)

4. Blues Five Spot

5. Blue Bolivar Blues (Take 2)

6. Just A Gigolo

7. Bye-Ya

8. Sweet And Lovely

9. Monk's Dream (Take 3)

10. Body And Soul (Take 1)

11. Bright Mississippi (Take 3)

12. Blue Bolivar Blues (Take 1)

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Guest Stuge

Listening to "I love Disco Diamonds Vol 32


01.David Lyme ?-Bye Bye Mi Amor?h

02.Baby?`s Gang ?-Challenger?

03.Ric Fellini ?-Welcome To Rimini?

04.Joe Yellow ?-I?`m Your Lover?

05.Dan Eller ?-Carillon? :

06.Robert Bravo ?-Love Me Like I Do?

07.Silver Pozzoli ?-Pretty Baby?h

08.Max Anderson ?-The Night (Hey Ho Ho)?

09.Orlando Johnson ?-With Just A Kiss?

10.Brian Ice ?-Walking Away?

11.Malcolm And The Bad Girls ?-Shoot Me

12.Colors ?-Never Mind?

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Guest Stuge

Listeniing to Now, Vol. 62(Disc 2 )


1. Dare - Gorillaz

2. Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani

3. Diamonds from Sierra Leone - Kanye West

4. Fix You - Coldplay

5. Importance of Being Idle

6. Don't Lie - Black Eyed Peas

7. Can I Have It Like That - Pharrell, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams

8. Ooh La La

9. Doctor Pressure - Miami Sound Machine,

10. Love Generation - Bob Sinclar

11. Gasolina - Daddy Yankee

12. Pon de Replay - Rihanna

13. Thing - Amerie

14. Belly Dancer (Bananza)

15. Big City Life - Mattafix

16. Welcome to Jamrock

17. Precious - Depeche Mode

18. City of Blinding Lights

19. Love Me Like You - The Magic Numbers

20. Getaway

21. Have a Nice Day

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Listening to ピチカート・ファイヴ (Pizzicato Five) | Singles in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.


Disc 1

1. スウィート・ソウル・レヴュー

2. 東京は夜の七時

3. ハッピー・サッド

4. スーパースター

5. 陽の当たる大通り

6. 悲しい歌

7. ベイビィ・ポータブル・ロック

8. メッセージ・ソング

9. イッツ・ア・ビューティフル・デイ

10. モナムール東京

Disc 2

1. 大都会交響楽

2. 恋のルール・新しいルール

3. きみみたいにきれいな女の子

4. ウィークエンド

5. プレイボーイ・プレイガール

6. ダーリン・オブ・ディスコティック

7. nonstop to tokyo

8. パーフェクト・ワールド

9. 東京の合唱~午後のカフェで

10. 12月24日

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Hybrid Present Y4K - Atrac3plus 192kbs



1. Hybrid - The Drop (Man On Fire Edit)

2. Forme - Let It All Out (Tigerstyle)

3. Dylan Rhymes - The Way (Evil 9 Remix)

4. Hi-Fi Bugs - The Knife Drawer *

5. Easy B - Found The Gonzo

6. Future Sound Of London - My Kingdom (Part 4)

7. Hybrid - In Good We Trust (Soundtrack Edit)

8. Gus Gus - David (Luke Chable Remix) *

9. Nectarios - Phoenix (Vigi & Nectarios Remix)

10. Lee Burridge & Andy Page - Why Are The Pretty Ones Always Insane? *

11. Chemical Brothers - Chemical Beats

12. Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise (Stereo 8 Remix)

13. Hybrid - Blackout (Hybrid Remix)

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Just arrived today. Still listening in audioCD format. :)

奥井雅美 - God Speed


1. wild cat


3. God Speed

4. 蜜-mitsu-

5. Red

6. Last Sun

7. Timeliness

8. Paradise Lost


10. Gift

11. 燃えよ!Generation

12. TRUST~Session Mix~

She's my #1 favorite female artist. You can sample this album on her website: http://www.evolution-m.com/masami_okui/godspeed/index.html

Even cooler, the sample songs are in streaming 160kbps MP3 format! No DRM, WMA, Real audio crap. :)

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Listening to スピッツ | スーベニア in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.


1. 春の歌

2. ありふれた人生

3. 甘ったれクリーチャー

4. 優しくなりたいな

5. ナンプラー日和

6. 正夢

7. ほのほ

8. ワタリ

9. 恋のはじまり

10. 自転車

11. テイタム・オニール

12. 会いに行くよ

13. みそか

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Listening to Charles Mingus | Mingus Ah Um in ATRAC3plus 352kbps.


1. Better Git It In Your Soul

2. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

3. Boogie Stop Shuffle

4. Self-Portrait In Three Colors

5. Open Letter To Duke

6. Bird Calls

7. Fables Of Faubus

8. Pussy Cat Dues

9. Jelly Roll

10. Pedal Point Blues

11. GG Train

12. Girl Of My Dreams

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