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  1. Who owns the MZ-RH1?

    I happened to surf over to minidisco when they had 3 refurb units in stock. I was tempted, but I just bought an M200 and really couldn't justify a backup unit. I'm in the US as well so if I see someone on the street with an RH1 remote in hand, I'll know it's you.
  2. Who owns the MZ-RH1?

    I've had my M200 for about a month. I left MD two years ago leaving my Sharp recorder for some solid state portable recording technology. I bought the M200 from a retailer with a return policy, just in case. But now that I have used the recorder with a variety of microphones and listened to the quality of even MP3 playback (better than my iPod video) I am hooked. I sold my CF recorder. And, yes, I have begun stockpiling Hi-MD media (little here, little there) and am considering buying a second M200/RH1. The solid state recorders I have purchased have cost me comparable money, so I think at $350 US the M200 still represent great value to someone who records as well as listens. The USB upload is just icing on the cake.
  3. Noise from M200

    Thanks again. Noticeably louder than my old Sharp units, but I'm glad to know it's normal. The M200 is a wonderful little machine.
  4. Noise from M200

    Thanks for the replies. I use Sony 1Gb disks. Here is a link to a short MP3 recording of the noise. This is pressing RECORD waiting a few seconds, then CANCEL. M200_Noise
  5. Noise from M200

    My new MZ-M200 is my first Sony MD having owned several Sharp units. I've been away from MD for a while, using other MP3 players and flash recorders. I really love the quality of the recordings and the playback sound of the M200. My question - is the amount of "noise" the unit makes when the read/write heads move (I assume) normal? Seem quite loud!
  6. Sony newbie needs help

    Experienced Sharp portable user here, I have jumped into Hi-MD with a brand new MZ-M200. And I need help right away! I've got a full battery charge, I insert an new Hi-MD disc and the display does it's start up thing with the red access light flashing. Things quiet down after a few seconds then, if I do nothing, within 10 second the unit powers down. Not just the display going blank - I head the read/write head move and it's into shut down mode requiring a (lengthy) boot up. I was playing in the Options Menu - did I twiddle a bit somewhere? TIA.