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  2. Sony PCLK-MN10 (CAV-MN10 USB, TOSLINK, 3.5mm, PS/2 "PC-Link" Interface)
  3. They look a little different at the hardware level. PC-Link looks to be real I2C (IIC), with Keyboard overlayed on the same PS/2 connector. Control-A1(II) looks to be a proprietary hardware interface - although admittedly it has similarities to I2C, viz an open collector output with passive pull-up. It may be that the bytes that are sent over these three interfaces are essentially the same. On the 770 the PC-Link, Keyboard and Control-A1(II) have independent connections to the uC. Looking at the uC pinout/datasheet, the PC-Link I2C is served by a dedicated I2C engine in the uC. The K
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  5. Hmm.. It does sound indeed in that case that the option is only available with the 40ELK. Maybe your best bet is just to locate a USB cable
  6. I'm not going to argue with the boss (he might ban me!) :-D Looks like I need to hit the schematics for the 770 as that seems the machine that has all of these on! The devil is probably in the firmware though. Maybe the 770 was a "more interesting" buy after all!
  7. Taking issue with this statement. I think that A1(II) and PC-link are essentially identical. (Where's NGY?) When they finally moved to NetMD (USB) that is when the Ctrl-A1 stuff disappeared.
  8. I had started pulling together a table of the specs of the Sony decks (ATRAC version, mechanism type, encoder etc). I included the Control-A1 information from the manuals for each deck: This is just an extract for the full size (i.e. not midi/mini) decks from the MDS-XXX20 range onwards. It doesn't include any ES decks or Pro decks (yet). I couldn't find a manual for the MDS-JB730 but am assuming, based on the fact that the 930, 630 and 530 all have it, that it probably has Control-A1(II) as well. None of the lower end decks (i.e. MDS-JE3XX and MDS-JE4XX) had Control A1 and Son
  9. Yes it seemed to have an annoyingly short life. MD-wise it seems to appear on the 920 (but not the 520) which would be 1998, lasting though the x30 range and I think the 770 (2001) was the last. Not sure about the 640/940 without downloading the manuals. So maybe 8 or so MD decks? CD decks seemed to just drop it, and MD decks migrated to USB and PC-Link connectivity, rather than deck-deck connectivity.
  10. Haha :-D You definitely do need reliable kit in those circumstances!
  11. Hmmm. Annoying, but useful to know, I guess. I had been looking at the section on Control-A1(II) in the manual for my MDS-JB940 and there's no mention of CD text/song titles etc. Just fairly vague references to "transmission of control signals", which didn't look too exciting tbh - just automatic switching of amp inputs with a compatible Sony amp etc. I then found a separate section "Synchro Recording with a Sony CD Player" that does state that: Unfortunately it looks like Sony had abandoned Control-A1(II) by the time they made the CD player I have connected up to my MD decks
  12. They don't. They stare blankly at me. And then 150 audience also turn and do the same. Then the kids (in the audience) start screaming because the Fairy isn't singing her pretty song which keeps them at bay. British Panto - a daily roller-coaster of fear and near-panic for the cast and production crew. A delight (hopefully) for the audience! The audience love it when things go wrong. They like to see the fear and panic in your eyes.
  13. Not looked at those for a while but I did have them in my watch list at one point and, like everything else MD related, they seemed to be getting more expensive. They also commanded pretty high prices to start with, presumably they're much rarer than standard MD decks.
  14. Makes sense to have plenty of contingency given what you use it for. You don't want an empty silence with the actors looking blankly at each other at a key moment in the show ;-) Not to encourage yet more kit purchases but maybe you need to have a think about a NetMD compatible machine and the Web MiniDisc app? * Runs for cover...
  15. Exactly. So far I've been lucky. MD reliability is good (which is one of the reasons I switched back to MD). But I'd like a get-out-of-jail card if I can. With my "new" MDS-E12 and CDP-D12 rack I have in principle a backup machine (2 E12's "on-line" [1xSFX, 1xMusic], plus 1 E12 "backup"). Thus I need a backup disc of both the music and SFX to be able to use should a machine or a disc go down. Probably I'm paranoid! I can do CD-MD dubs with the Tascam MD-CD1 - the material is prepared on a PC, written to CD-R then dubbed to MD. The trouble is the CD-R to MD dub on the MD-CD1 is not fully reliab
  16. So, just to clarify, copying from CD to MD with Control-A1(II) will transfer song titles (assuming the CD in question has CD text) but copying from MD to MD with Control-A1(II) doesn't?
  17. Ah, that's a shame. Would have been a useful feature. I have never really copied MD to MD very much but I suspect that's something you need to do for your shows (so you have backups)?
  18. Well ok, so it took me 3 years, but hey ho. Using an MDS-E12, recording a track (or disc) with Copy=Permit, I was able to make 3 generations of digital (TOSLINK) copy of the track using an MDS-JE770 into an MDS-JE530. The point to note here is that I thought the 530 (as a consumer deck) might force the COPY bit on the 1st gen digital copy. It didn't, it still propagates the "copy permit" status which allows further digital copies to be made, even consumer-to-consumer deck as above. Note the 770 and 530 were also connected with Control-A1(II). Unfortunately I couldn't get the titles to cop
  19. The menu options from the RM-MC38EL connected gives me all the settings stated in the manual except for the "clock set". I guess it needs three rows to be able to perform that...
  20. Yesterday
  21. I’ll say nothing more than ‘great news’! These things are sent to try us.
  22. Well, after listening to (and ejecting) a variety of MiniDiscs all day, the issue hasn't re-occurred Didn't even get around to trying the power cycle Kevin suggested. Weird...
  23. No worries, that is a really sweet setup
  24. Thanks for the Groups info - very interesting. Something I've yet to play with (my list of "to play with" is quite long!). Fantastic! That's what I love here - contributors who will take an extrapolated thought and try it out! Shame it didn't work, but great idea! :-D
  25. That's a very good suggestion! I did have a keyboard connected yesterday when I first encountered the issue but it was not connected this morning when I was able to replicate it. The remote control was sat on top of the unit the deck's in and didn't have any buttons accidentally pressed.
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