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  4. Oh that option is available too! No bed in there though (yet!!!).
  5. This is how men end up spending so much time in sheds...
  6. Let's just say "getting your kit out in the back room" is not always that popular with she who must be obeyed! 😆
  7. Yes, I can imagine that must be something of a challenge. It's not really the sort of kit you can use every day at home, is it? I assume the two guys at my daughters' show are possibly employed by the theatre so they probably do this sort of thing several times a week.
  8. I have to be VERY organised! It's been 2 years since our last show due to the unmentionable. I've had to do a lot of revision... "so how does this lighting desk/sound desk work again....?"!
  9. Interesting. As you can see, I know absolutely nothing about theatre lighting 😆 My daughters had to go to the theatre for the "technical rehearsal" on the day before the show. They said there was a lot of messing with the lights then.
  10. Thanks! A "night off" tonight. Next Dress Rehearsal Thursday night, then we're in to the performance run. By midnight Sunday it will be pretty much over (and I will have a lot of set items sat on my drive ready for me to strip down to reusable materials again...).
  11. Yes but so are most lighting consoles above the most basic. Obviously features and capability vary widely, but some element of programmability would be normal for all but the most basic of lighting tasks. In my case, I programme the lighting (into my Zero88 FLX) during our "tech" rehearsal (which was 7 hours on Sunday). This means that during the performances, I concentrate on the timing of the lighting, but much of my focus is on managing the live sound. Due to the nature of your daughter's show, your man there probably has the lighting and sound cues triggered using some show control software on the Mac, probably OSC or MIDI triggers (or both).
  12. Forgot to say, good luck with the show @kgallen!
  13. Yeah, much better to get quality gear you can rely on than risk something cheap flaking out on you mid-performance. I am sure there are many benefits to using a Mac but I think I prefer to see your racks of MDS-E12s 🙂 Wow 😲 I guess they're programmable or something? There was a lot going on with the lights but he didn't seem to be touching anything a great deal.
  14. It's an X32-Compact, same DSP processing power but fewer physical faders - I don't have room for the full-size X32. Equipment reliability is key, indeed! So often I'll buy quality second-hand gear (and refurbish) rather than low-quality new gear. MiniDisc was pretty popular in theatre around the heyday, for the same reasons as for me. But like many, the pro's have moved on to the solid state solution. I'd need to go the Mac route if I moved away from MiniDisc. Probably 30 grand (GBP) right there. Well out of my league!
  15. Nice set set up. Is that a Behringer X32 mixer all the Sony decks are connected to? Sounds like you have a lot to manage throughout the show. Pretty critical that you have confidence that your equipment won't let you down! No MiniDiscs. The guy doing the sound was using a Mac Mini and just hit the space bar when the next number started (it was a dance show with 30 ish routines). No extra sound effects etc that I noticed. The guy next to him had some fancy looking mixer things. Googled them when I got home but it turns out the "Sapphire" and "Sapphire Wing" were for the lights and nothing to do with the sound. Sounds like you were doing both their jobs, with a lot more to do, on your own!
  16. I have used them both ways, CD > MD & MD > CD, the latter to enable ripping the result into iTunes. This was a project that took about two years. I even have a folder in iTunes devoted to that effort: "MD/CD Heaven." The editing abilities of minidisc completely surpass those of CD, where there isn't much you can do post-recording.
  17. Sorry I don’t have great pictures as it’s a fast-paced show and I have lots of sound and lighting cues (67 lighting and 47 sound cues plus 4 radio mics and 3 stage mics to manage) in a 90 minute show. Here’s what I got worth posting when I could grab my phone at the Dress Rehearsal tonight. I have my rack of two MDS-E12 plus the rack of an MDS-E12 plus the CDP-D12, both of which I’ve posted details before. In truth on this production I only need one MD machine to run the show as I don’t have any overlapping music/sfx cues. But they’ve all come along for the ride as one rack case has some gooseneck lights on it and I have a backup machine and disc should anything go wrong - but this is just me being chicken as MD has been solid for me for a long time. The CD player is for me to play some background interval must on, I’m not using it during the performance, that’s all MD.
  18. The reverse of how I suspect most MiniDisc decks/CD players were generally connected 😉 I don't have much experience with standalone CD recorders but I've always assumed it was far easier to perform edits etc on a MiniDisc?
  19. This morning I've been watching someone play Tetris on an MZ-N510...
  20. "...what CD players people have paired up with their MiniDisc decks." Just a few days ago, I used my MDS-E10 to edit a minidisc (needed some dividing for track marks), and then copied the MD to CD-RW via coax to my working-when-it-feels-like-it Aiwa XC-RW700 standalone recorder. Ultimate destination was iTunes, per spousal request. I'd created the original MD from cassettes and vinyl—contra dance and barn dance tunes from US & UK. The E10 is also connected to a Cambridge Audio DACMagic 100, which brings out its finest qualities.
  21. Hi guys, "long time no see you" as they say in Vietnam. You can use a Coax to Toslink convertor...
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  23. Great stuff @kgallen Would be interesting to see some shots of your kit getting a proper work out 🙂 My daughters are performing in a local theatre at the weekend. The sound desk's at the rear of the front section of the stalls IIRC so will see if I can get a glimpse of whether any MDs are being used 😉
  24. From today I’ll be setting up for a (community theatre) show where I use MD (MDS-E12 machines). I’ll try and take some photos at an appropriate point and context (probably at the Dress Rehearsal on Monday). This is a production 2 years delayed going to stage due to the pandemic. It’s a musical called ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’.
  25. Yeah, the player itself is in pretty much mint condition. The remote is a tiny bit grubby looking. Perils of being white, I suppose. It might clean up although I'm not sure how much of it is age related discolouration of the plastic, rather than dirt. Re VPT - yes, that was my view too. I gave it another go this afternoon but felt the same way 🙂
  26. The 520 looks to be in good shape - nice! ☺️ I never use VPT either, I think it's a fairly useless feature - a bit of novelty, but generally makes everything sound worse in my experience.
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