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  3. Welcome to the forum @sirbu 🙂 I've never used SonicStage myself but thanks for posting your fix. I'm sure other people will find it useful.
  4. If anyone still uses SonicStage and encounters this problem (as I did) then the cause I found was the installation of AC3Filter with Media Player Classic. Disabling AC3Filter removed the block on SonicStage transfers.
  5. Last week
  6. Exactly - this like a few of the early discs falls into the "definitely looks better wrapped" category, along with the Scotch, early Sharps etc.. Wow - 30 years old!! I didn't even think of that
  7. The disc itself is maybe a little dull (reminds me of some old floppy discs I used to have 🙂) but I really like the packaging. Similar to the current day MDW80Ts but it looks smarter, to me, with the dark grey/black. Also, that disc is over 30 years old 😯
  8. Oh my gawd. @Richard you must have the ultimate minidisc museum!
  9. Victor MD | Victor XM-C31 (W) The Victor XM-C31 was released in October 2004 and came in several colour schemes - pink, blue and this which was nominally called white, although a large proportion of the unit is black. The front panel features a unique square design pattern.
  10. Sony MD | MDW-74 (1993) The Sony MDW-74, released on 10th April 1993 in Japan was Sony's first 74 minute disc. There are some early variations that feature the inverted design also seen on the early MDW-60's. There is also a later version with a slightly smaller embossed arrow in the top left hand corner.
  11. 🤣Took me a few minutes to work out what you were talking about. I think "Proficient" is already pushing it a bit as far as I am concerned 😂
  12. I'm on to your game @BearBoy, you're just trying to get your post count up to get to 11/14 first 😄
  13. ^^ They're the ones I've got. Always thought they were nice discs. Do the Flower Mix ones only come in Green and Orange, @Richard?
  14. This month we've... mostly been trying to resurrect the Forum from suspension! Well done to @sfbp, @Richard, @BearBoy for persevering with contacting the owner! We're good for now, let's hope we can secure a more stable future 🙂
  15. Indeed! These are the type I have. Sorry my photography skills are severely lacking!
  16. Those must be the European versions - they are indeed the same as the Ho (which was Japan only) apart from the shutter design. All great looking discs! I'll try and do a full pictorial on the Ho's separately.
  17. I've got some very similar to those in your last post, @Richard. Except they're 80 minute ones and have a different shutter logo (no "HO" branding). When I first saw your pictures of the Flower Mix ones I initially thought they were the same but in different packaging. The colour patterns on the discs are quite distinct though. Nice score!
  18. Reporting for duty 🙋‍♂️ (there doesn't seem to be a salute emoji on the forum software.. oh well)
  19. They could well be the TDK Ho series from 2003 which were also released in Europe a few years later with the same disc design, but a different shutter logo and were just called TDK Colour Series or something equally non-descript. Are they perhaps similar to these ones?
  20. Ah, I'm sure I have some discs similar to the green one at least (I think the shutter is different). However since I don't have this limited edition set, mine must be inferior somehow! I will check...
  21. I need to re-shoot some of the discs properly, but in the meantime, here is an example of some opened ones!
  22. Fantastic! I guess we’ll never see an actual disc!…
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