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  1. Sony Mzm200 $328 at Djdeals.com

    In the states, there is no where offers Silver one. Probably Ebay
  2. Sony Mzm200 $328 at Djdeals.com

    Really? I saw both colors, but the black one is much cooler in my opinion. I am right now out of town and won't be back until the end of the winter break. Hope it won't be out of stock soon.....
  3. MINIDISCO.com coupons up for grabs

    hoho....that is funny..
  4. Sony Mzm200 $328 at Djdeals.com

    Thanks for the information....328 is 50 buck less other stores....I once saw Amazon offers $325 one weeks ago, but right now it is 390....
  5. Sony Mzm200 $328 at Djdeals.com

    I really wanna get one for recording some performances. I didn't find the 20$ off coupon for MZM200 at minidisco, but I suddenly saw djdeals offers a great price for a brand new one (they said). Are there some friends here having experience with this retailer? Is it trustful? Thanks. can't wait to get one
  6. MINIDISCO.com coupons up for grabs

    Hi, Thanks for the 5% off code. And I am wondering if I can apply two codes at the same time when checking out?