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  1. Affordable Mics for the Whole World

    Sorry. Ignore or delete this post.
  2. Affordable Mics for the Whole World

    Thanks for your reply! Another question: I'm thinking of recording a jazz trio (piano + doublebass + drums), like I said to make a CD. The problem I have when I use the Sony mic is that the instruments seam to be far away. If a put the mic near the instruments I get distortion... I was thinking of using my Sony mic (while I don't buy a pair of Greenmachine mics...) to capture the "ambience" of the room, but maybe use extra three mics (directional mono mics, maybe) to record the instruments near and to get more detail. Is there some kind of directional mic you could recommend me, at the same price range? Or is it possible to build one, like it is explained at http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=11254. Thank you!
  3. Affordable Mics for the Whole World

    Hi, I own a Sony ECM-MS907 mic to make music recordinds of mostly Jazz acoustic music (piano + doublebass + drums). I would like to get better quality recordings and I'm thinking of buying a new microphone (stereo) or a pair of mono microphones. Then, I found this forum and the GreenMachine mics How do these microphones from GreeMachine compare to the Sony ECM-MS907? Will I get better recordings? Thanks you.